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  1. Audi's Q8 is the brand new version of Q7 converting a three-row SUV into a two-row with a scoopy roof line.The Q8 is completely based on the very nice audi Q7. There already are a pair of two-row versions of this vehicle in the VW Group portfolio and porsche cayenne the and the Volkswagen Touareg. The Q8 is Audi's range-top SUV, with a modern turbocharged V-6 and a technologically heavy features such as advanced interior with a two-touchscreen center stack and design that would make Rudolph Schindler blush. Deleting the third row opens some space for the second-row passengers and much more boot carrying space with enormous space with sports feel and that delivers a driving experience that is more car like than any Audi SUV ever before. Read the detailed AUDI Q8 2020-2021 Review information and to know more about check out this link : https://zee.gl/Wqne3Kar Or https://autoblogsindia.blogspot.com/2020/10/audi-q8-2020-2021-review-information.html
  2. check out the new The La Ferrari Goes Topless With New Aperta Model : https://shrinke.me/uHFZvrD
  3. check out this amazing invention of Aston Martin’s New AM-RB 001 In This Amazing Video check out the link: https://zee.gl/kELr
  4. check out the features of New Ford Expedition Redefines Full-Size SUV with Adaptable Interior,Smart Technology,check out this link:https://zee.gl/nQn9
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