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  1. You can view the information of two models, including price, performance, etc., to help you compare:เช็คราคารถ
  2. Of course it is dangerous. If you are not a professional, this kind of thing is likely to be troublesome, especially a new car, if there is a problem, it is better to hand it to a professional maintenance staff.
  3. Nice car.BMW has always been trustworthy.Although car prices ราคารถ have been high.
  4. I agree with the above point of view, Kia’s new car รถใหม่ looks good, and in my opinion it is a better choice
  5. It is suitable for toyota commuter? I want more detailed information. Thank you so much! Looking forward!
  6. OMG, it is soo detailed and informative. I think myself get a good understanding of Isuzu Mux from your introduction. Thank you soo much!😁 I will keep following you!
  7. If the price falls out of your purchase capability, you can buy the entry level. Or you can consider Audi q3 that is relatively cheaper than the cars mentioned above. If you drops the extra gadget kits, the price is very very acceptible.
  8. As such, Mexico officially becomes the first country to receive the refreshed 2022 Chevrolet Captiva, without having previously marketed the initial edition of the second-generation crossover. In fact, as GM Authority exclusively reported at the beginning of last year, moving forward, the Latin country will be the main market for the new Captiva worldwide. As anticipated, the 2022 Chevrolet Captiva reaches the Mexican market with a range made up of two trim levels and three distinct variants, including the five-seat entry-level LT, the more-equipped seven-seat LT and the range-topping Premier. All stand out for offering a solid combination of modern design, interior space, performance and affordable price. 😝
  9. Yessss! I am really a big fan of lamborghini huracan. 🤩 This brand is also updating its long-serving HR16DE four-cylinder engine for the Chinese-market Sylphy. So far, the company is making no mention of power, torque or efficiency figures in its press release for the third-generation engine. However, they do note the presence of an updated Xtronic continuously variable transmission.
  10. Wow, it is impressive and attractive for me!😀 Thank you for your cool video. I wonder if Chevrolet Captiva is euipped with the same ZL1 V8 Exhuast? It will be excellent if it is!
  11. My Peugeot 5008 met the similar problem before. I tries all the possible methods but none of them worked. At last, I had no choice but went to have my car repaired. It turned out that my oil thump plugged....😢
  12. Maybe you can just try Ford Ranger Raptor😜😜 After all, there is an popular saying that keep the old, you get nothing new.
  13. Nice jobs! I also have an Audi A4. Your list is so enticing and excellent that I also want to follow it ! I will try to make my lists in summer like you!😍🤩
  14. Good question. And I just wonder whether the price will be cheaper if I can a BMW X7 through this dealer group. If the answer is yes, this group will go viral beacuse people all want a discount to buy a favourite car.🤪 Blaze a path or create a niche? Up to you.
  15. Emmm, maybe there is no fixed answer becasue Audi and BMW have many models and ranges. But personally, as I bought the BMW M8 before, so I can say that BMW M8 wellperformed Audi models in terms of engine and towering capability.😜
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