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  1. It's usually pretty easy to indentify a fuel tank leaking; just crawl under the vehicle, and look for wet spots or stains on the fuel tank. Sometime a fuel tank will leak at the top; because moisture and debris get trapped on the top of the tank; and it rarely dries out; this causes the tank to rot and eventually leak. Pop over here to read more.
  2. I think it is necessary to have a tax calculator especially after you buy a car or house. This tax calculator is solely an estimation tool and should only be used to estimate your tax liability or refund. It should not be used for any other purpose, such as preparing a federal income tax return, or to estimate anything other than your own personal tax liability. More info in คํานวณภาษี
  3. If you know more about BMW, it is of course necessary. Personally, I think BMW service is not bad. Recently, I bought a BMW X5 and met some problems. The staff solved it quickly and also apologized sincerely. So maybe you can go ahead.
  4. In fact, my friends bought these cars. But if you drive frequently or always travel a long distance, maybe Isuzu v cross 4 ประตู ราคา will be a better choice. Just a piece of advice!🤪
  5. Click here if you would like to keep up to date with the gasoline price in Thailand.
  6. This rainbow exhaust is amazing. I want to get one for my Grand Filano. You help will be appreciated!
  7. Looking for professional motorcycle modification agencies in Perth. I will offer all parts needed. My model is Grand Filano 2021.
  8. Thanks you so much! My Fortuner is ready~😁
  9. After completing the car performance inspection, we can better understand whether the safety performance of our car is up to standard. Some time ago, my Honda Accord brakes failed. Fortunately, I sent it for inspection, otherwise my trip would have a big problem.
  10. Recently, I am running a small business and often need to use trucks to carry goods. Which is better, Toyota Hilux Revo or Ford Ranger? (I have always used Isuzu D-Max before.) It is best if the cabin has enough space, low fuel consumption, and good sound insulation.
  11. I recommend Toyota CH-R, a 5-seater SUV. Toyota C-HR has obtained 5-star safety certification issued by NCAP, a strict crash test in ASEAN. It has a complete safety system. The car is equipped with 7-position airbags, which can take care of the passengers. And the car is also equipped with 4 forward sensors and 4 rear distance sensors with reversing cameras. Safe travel is definitely not a problem. All seat positions can be adjusted manually. The rear seats can be folded at 60:40, and the luggage space is spacious enough to hold the luggage of the whole family.
  12. I appreciate the safety equipment of Nissan Terra. It has a 360-degree panoramic camera that can detect moving objects, helping drivers better observe road conditions.
  13. Too bad. Is it possible that you have started the Camry engine too many times and caused electric leakage?
  14. Fortuner, a 7-seater SUV, is a good choice. Its internal space is very spacious and many practical equipments are installed. It can produce a maximum power of 150 horsepower at 3,400 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 Nm at 1,600-2,000 rpm.
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