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  1. I will travel around Europe with my Yamaha Grand Filano.
  2. You need a motorcycle. No girl wants to date with a man who doesn't have a vehicle. Go and get a Yamaha XSR155!
  3. Generally, tough terrains greatly shorten the longevity of tires. I'm based on a mountainous town. I always have several spare tyres for my Yamaha Grand Filano as the roads in my town are muddy and broken.
  4. There's too much uncertainty in bets. You may win a kawasaki z900 2021 or lose your house in a bet.
  5. Out of a lack of budget, an increasing number of consumers choose to purchase their vehicles by instalment. Here's a tool to assist you to better get your instalment payment done. Click here.😀
  6. https://www.autofun.co.th/tools/road-tax-calculator By the way, road tax is one of the major expenses you must pay for your vehicle. Here's a tool for calculation of road tax.
  7. https://www.autofun.co.th/tools/loan-calculator Take it.
  8. Cars are some kind of luxuries. Purchasing a car is a big investment. Think twice before you place your order. Check out all the details of your favourite car on Autofun. 😎
  9. I'm the owner of a Yamaha franchise in Bangkok. You can turn to me for suggestions if you encounter any difficulty in opening your motorcycle business in Asia. By the way, don't miss out the latest Yamaha XMAX 2021.
  10. London is a tremendous garage for luxurious cars. But my modified Toyota Camry can always steal their thunder.🙃
  11. Human beings especially women are always craving a sense of safety. Supposed that you're a robber, will you rob the woman who has a Toyota Ativ or the one who has a Lamborghini? 99% will opt for the latter 'cause that's the reality. 🤣
  12. Suzuki Swift. Trust me and it won't let you down
  13. Damn it my Honda City Hatchback 2021 encountered the same issue. I got the car just three days ago. But thanks to god I still enjoy the warranty.
  14. Any parts available for Honda City Hatchback 2021?
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