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  1. Great modification always instill the car with fresh blood. I am planning to do some changes on the tail wing of my Honda Civic 2020.🤘🤘🤙
  2. I will be pleased if you guys call me a white color addict. I am specially obsessed with anything in white. For a decade I have been purchasing and wearing white vetements only. My favorite football team is Real Madrid....Yeah it's white as well. I love all dairy products including milk, milk puddings, cheese, milk chocolate etc. My pet cat Bonnie is pure white. Now I am planning to buy a white Nissan Almera 2020...Surely I am a loyal white color addict but you know cars get dirty easily because they are always running on the dusty road. I don't really want to waste too much money on cleaning my car. Could anyone tell me if white cars really get dirty easily? If it is, what can I do to prevent the dirt as much as possible?
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