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  1. I want to put a Manual transmission in a Old Subaru, that car have a EJ25 but dont have AWD system, so, i want to put a STI Transmission to that Car, so, i want to know if they fix in that Engine or i need to buy another Engine?
  2. I want to Buy a Subaru Impreza from 1995, the car is cheap and looks great, have a EJ25 and a lot of cosmetic things looking like the WRC Impreza from 95'. So, the problem is the transmission and the diff is FWD... But i want to Change it to AWD. What do i a Need? Only the Diff for each wheels, or a Complete GearBox with New Diff for this Transsmission? PD: I speak Spanish, so, sorry if you read something weird haha
  3. The problem for my with Any Corolla, is they are slow for me, doesn't have too much power, and i wan to make a really good car in the future, so, i need to know hoy much G i can test, and wich car i should buy (sorry for my english, i speak spanish xD)
  4. I already Have a slow car, is a Toyota Corolla S from 2005, and i get a little bit Scare when i take Corners at high speed. Well, I want to Buy another Car soon, so I want to Know a Trick or a Amateur test to look how much G can support the car
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