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  1. Used cars are a good choice for a limited budget. Here I think you can consider the Honda Civic type R, which should be able to meet your budget requirements, and it has sufficient power and good driving experience.
  2. I think you can consider the Honda Civic Type R, sports hatchback style, it has a powerful engine, more excellent frame, excellent suspension adjustment, and lightweight design as much as possible.
  3. The development of Mercedes has always been good. Adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first", Mercedes has actively adjusted its operation deployment, cooperated closely with its dealers and partners, expanded its product lineup in an orderly manner, and launched a number of service upgrading measures, thus realizing the steady development of its core business. Besides, you can find some detailed information about Mercedes Malaysia in the website wapcar.
  4. I recommend Kia Forte´╗┐. Kia Forte´╗┐ takes a comfortable and smooth route. The acceleration process is very linear, and the accelerator feels very soft. Also, if you need more information about Kia, you can visit the official website or there is other detailed information about Kia Malaysia in Wapcar
  5. I think Kia's car should be suitable for you. You can check the relevant information on the official website, or you can check the relevant content of Kia Malaysia on wapcar.
  6. Golf 7 is really good, with moderate price, stable appearance and high cost performance. It's very suitable for young people. But in fact, there are many other options. I think Honda CR-V is also good, with good driving experience and wide vision.
  7. GMC Suburbanis named after Yukon's long axle model. The technical specifications of Yukon XL are used in both appearance and power engine. GMC Suburban is very suitable for users with high requirements for overall space and home use. At the same time, it is also the best-selling full-size SUV in the United States. If you buy a second-hand car, there are many other options, such as Honda HR-V, Honda CR-V and so on. They are SUVs with very good performance.
  8. I think the Honda CR-V is a very good SUV. The interior space and trunk space of the Honda CR-V are larger, with rich safety and practical configuration, excellent riding comfort and fuel saving.
  9. I think Mazda 3 is good, streamlined, fashionable and sporty; the fuel consumption is not high, so the safety should be good.
  10. I recommend Honda HR-V. The shock absorption, braking and acceleration are very good, and the price is reasonable.
  11. You can check the official flagship store on the Internet to see if there is a suitable one and buy one, then you can go to the auto repair shop to change the tires for your BMW.
  12. Among the two types of vehicles, the most recalled one is Toyota Hilux, but I think the impact on Thailand should be a little bit, because Toyota has expanded the scope of vehicle recalls.
  13. I think the Honda CR-V is very good. The overall appearance of the Honda CR-V is very harmonious and the texture is very good. It can be seen that the car is delicate and attentive. The steering wheel is very light, the turning is very convenient and fast, the power is not reduced when the car is fully loaded, and it can easily overtake. The ride comfort is very high, and the noise isolation is very good. So I think it should suit you.
  14. I think Toyota Vios is good. Vios's engine has good power and enough interior space. The whole car is light and fuel-efficient. The interior is also good. It's simple and generous. There are not so many fancy things. I think the steering wheel is very light and easy to operate.
  15. In fact, I personally prefer Ford Ranger. The car is more durable and has stronger carrying capacity. With increased performance and lower fuel consumption, comfort and safety have been optimized. Besides, the appearance is as strong as ever, and more intelligent technology components are used internally. However, because of its rough appearance, it is more suitable for outdoor roads, so I don't think it is suitable for my daily driving.
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