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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like some advice from anyone who can help. I own a 2008 BMW 3 series e90 m sport and recently had a diagnostic done after noticing a slight misfire and the check engine light coming on. The diagnostic found five faults in the ECM and they are as follows: 2AF4 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, electronic / 2AF2 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, lambda linear / 2AF6 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, lambda binary / 2EF7 Map Thermostat, activation / 29CF Combustion misfires, cylinder 3 I've been looking online for information about nox and lambda sensors but while i feel i have a small understanding of them i'm not sure i understand them entirely. If anyone is able to shine some light onto the issue that would be really helpful. I know I could take it in to a mechanics but if i'm able to do it myself then i'd prefer to do that as I quite like working on my car and who doesn't like saving a little money by doing the job themselves. Thanks in advance. Nathan.
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