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  1. Some days ago I saw a Ranger in front of the entrance of an apartment, it's tall and big and real. I wanna know whether the back trunk is used to carry luggage? Then the luggage would get dirty easily...
  2. My brother drives Audi Q5. I like it though the seats are not soft enough for me. These days I am considering changing my Jazz. Q8 would be a good choice for me?
  3. I get a blanch Hilux Revo and my friend drives a shiny white Jeep Wrangler. Usually a bucket of water and a piece of rag can refresh your car. Sometimes, for example, in rainy days, some dirt or mud may stick on your car tires, which is disgusting. But don't worry, a car wash won't cost a lot.
  4. The biggest barrier against me to buy a car is monetary factors. I love sharp, big guys like Benz G63 or Jeep Wrangler. Actually I am only thirsty for the former one. But I could not afford it and own it. So whatever types of car doesn't matter. Recently I am considering about Toyota Altis 2020...
  5. I would stick to Honda CR-V. I just like it. Its sporty exterior boasts sculpted lines and available 19-inch alloy wheels, while its spacious interior offers an available heated steering wheel, leather-trimmed seats and other premium materials. I love all of that.
  6. The D-MAX (Isuzu D-Max 4 ประตู) has always been known for being simple and durable and its excellent fuel economy and solid towing and off-road capabilities have earned it a solid following.
  7. In terms of Civic, Si and Type R are both good. So far, so good in the Si's favor against its burlier Type R sibling, but then the decision gets hard when you consider the engine. The 31 extra ponies the Si has over the regular Civic are great, but with a chassis this good, you can't help but want more. And a different power profile; the Si's is really strong in the midrange, and it feels great blasting onto highways and other places where you wind across the entire tach. Get it out on a mountain road, though, and you begin to notice it goes soft on the top end where you're operating more of the time. With some cars, you hit the rev limiter and groan, "already?" Not this one. You keep your foot in it, then check the tach, then keep your foot in it some more, then short shift because winding it out isn't helping much. Although I don't worship the older, naturally aspirated Civic Si's the way some of my coworkers do, I appreciate how those cars pulled hard all the way to the fuel cutoff. I also hate the way the stupid Active Sound Control cranks up the drone in Sport mode. You can safely push it as hard as you want, all the while refining your steering, your braking, and your shifting. You'll learn more driving this car hard than you will in cars with twice the horsepower. Once you've soaked in the lessons, though, you might just find yourself in a power vacuum and look in the direction of the Type R. Another 100 horsepower ain't nothing to sneeze at, and once you've tasted the Type R, you're always going to feel like the Si's chassis could easily handle another 100 horses because, well, it can. And wouldn't it be great to be able to absolutely slingshot out of corners? It's a surprisingly difficult call to make, and it comes down to your driving philosophy. (Or your body-style preference, as the Type R is only available as a hatchback.) Me, I'm addicted to speed, and one can easily spend 10 grand or more modifying an Si to be as good as a Type R, so I say just get the best one from the start. That doesn't mean the Si is bad, though. In fact, the 2020 Honda Civic Si is great. It's a practical family sedan that drives and handles far better than a car with its price tag has any right to. It doesn't look ridiculous like the Type R—we don't get the slightly toned down Sport Line model in America—which makes it even more fun to keep up with German sport sedans that have more horsepower than talent and can't figure out why they can't shake a "normal" Civic. Go Si and you'll certainly be happy, but if and when you outgrow its capabilities, the Type R will be waiting. ( honda civic ราคา)
  8. hah as for my Honda City 2020, I cleanse it when it get dirty. If it was scratched or got some other serious injuries, I would ask its insurance company to repair it. Today, we just company with each other, going for a drive. I think that driving your car for a moderate period of time per day is one of the good ways to maintain it!!
  9. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport could be a good choice. It has been one of the representatives of hard-liner off-road vehicles, and time has come to its mid-cycle refresh. Recently, photos of 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero sports released showed an overall renew on the new car. The profile of the fourth generation is as bulky as Mitsubishi's current Eclipse Cross models. With a new split lamp and Mitsubishi's dynamic shield design, the new SUV delivers a bold concept as a whole. The new car's air intake grille is painted in black, which adds up a sense of dynamic for the front face. The side shape of the body is relatively simple, yet embodies intense muscular contours. Inside the cabin, more soft-touch materials are used throughout the interior trimming. Incorporating with an 8-inch digital dashboard and a new touch screen of the same size, the interior design of Pajero Sports is upscaling enough. Thanks to features like an AC power outlet, a hands-free power tailgate and smartphone controls over the SUV, the model is more competitive among its peers. The Pajero Sport's safety features now includes Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross Trafic Alert System. An off-road mode is also available on the 4WD variants. As for the power, the 2020 Pajero Sport's Edition uses a 2.4T turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum power of 178 hp (133 kW) and a peak torque of 430 Nm, matching with an eight-speed automatic transmission.
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