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  1. Take a example of install wheel spacers from BONOSS company on Tesla. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5KKsBOM9y8&t=62s When we modify our cars, which keywords will appear in your mind, wheel spacers? bodykit? hellaflush? wheelhub? exhaust? turbo charger? rim? etc... Gradually, modifying cars has changed from love to a popular culture. The modifying culture vary from region to region. The high horsepower of American cars, the hellaflush of Japanese , and the ECU calibration of European . In the communication, we found that modified parts are constantly changing. Local upgrades and diversified functions meet more needs of modified players. I heard a car product that has become very popular recently. Although everyone may have their own likes and dislikes, I will analyze this product from my own perspective.It’s the product from BONOSS company: BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers (Formerly BLOXsport). Its new function: Active Cooling, it’s a new function, for a long time, no matter who install the wheel spacers, the main function is to widen the wheelbase to improve the handling, or to install wheel spacers when refitting the wheel hub and brake system. But the function is still single so that I can't help thinking about how to buy the wheel spacers in a reasonable price with additional value. So how is the function of active cooling work? According the introduction, the design principle can make use of the rotation of the wheel spacers to allow the external cold air to flow efficiently and continuously inside the wheel spacers to take away heat. In terms of the principle, it achieves the target that active cool the brake system, improve braking efficiency and reduce the risk of driving. Of course, there are many more about this product I haven’t mentioned, including its quality, other design details, about these, you can leave your questions or opinions below.
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