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  1. Hey lads, I'm new here- but I'm having so many strange issues with the 2013 Mazda 3 I bought not long ago. It dies in the garage, I've gotten the battery checked- its at 75% capacity so it's fine, and there's nothing plugged into it to drain it. This morning I went out to turn it on after I got it jump-started and I pressed the button- it turned on, great- but the steering-wheel was locked, and the car wasn't actually "on". I then tried to turn it off- the car then went into a cycle of turning itself on and off, saying "Goodbye" and then turning back on for about 1 minute straight, on off on off- I wasn't touching the ignition on at all, I had only hit it the one time. Before, it made a sound like it was flooding when I turned it on, but this time it cycled through this and I was scared I wouldn't be able to turn it back "off" so I took the keys away from it and shut the door, opened it back up and it finally turned off. I cannot find a single answer to any of this- even why it dies when the battery is still good. Would any of you know why this is happening?
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