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  1. I would opt for the Vios. The engine difference you mention isn't that significant that it would really impact performance in a major way so I'd throw that comparison out. It sounds like your other points tend towards the Vios anyway.
  2. lol how often do you wash your car that it makes a financial dent in your life? You know you can wash your car yourself and not pay a car wash right? White cars don't get that dirty unless you're plowing through mud and dirt all the time. I've had white cars and it's never been a problem.
  3. I don't know of any way to find the true service history of a car. I know carfax shows some, but it's only if it's been reported to them and I'm not sure how thorough mechanics are about that type of thing, or if they even care. I'm always hesitant to consider buying anything if the owner or dealership doesn't maintain the records themselves.
  4. Maybe a Ford Transit? The challenge might be creating a way for people to access it though since you'd be dealing with people that aren't very mobile.
  5. I'd tend towards the $5k side, but you can find something reliable in that range for sure. If you're fine with something with some miles on it (hopefully around 100K or less) then you should be able to get by for several years with only minor repairs.
  6. You have to get your plates through a motor vehicle department in your state (in the US anyway). You can get personalized plates - called vanity plates usually - but you have to go through the right channels and get them through your state's vehicle department. So, no, probably not legal if you're getting plates somewhere other than the official government office. They tend to want to have your vehicle on file if you get insurance, or in an accident, etc.
  7. Here's some info on how to ship a car bought at an auction, online or otherwise https://www.a1autotransport.com/shipping-a-car-from-an-auto-auction/
  8. When the coolant cools and condenses, it moves into the radiator. Both of these can cause a bubbling sound, but it can also mean there is air trapped in the system.
  9. Definitely. Unless you are a professional and know what you are doing it is not recommended. There are so many things that can go wrong and it can be dangerous
  10. are they still shipping from Hong Kong to USA? I just heard from Ebay they were suspending international shipping
  11. Probably the cobalt. It has less miles and I heard it lasts up to 250k miles. I would stay away from the 06 cobalt though I heard it had some problems
  12. How many times and how often do you recommend washing the car during winter months in colder climates to prevent issues from harsh weather and salt on the road?
  13. I'm no expert on classics, but it's something I'd want to get to the bottom of if I were you. I believe the last six digits of the VIN represent the serial number so it could be nothing, but again, I'd get to the bottom of it to makes sure you don't run into any registration issues down the line. I believe the 17 digit VIN came around in the 80s so that may be part of what's going on there.
  14. I would lean towards the Hyundai myself, just based on experience with one and having not heard the best things about Kias. That said, if you get a decent discount for working at the dealership, I may take that into consideration if you find a comparable model.
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