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  1. I am very new to cars and have recently purchased an Eldorado. I believe the suspension is air ride rear. I would like to put Coil Overs in it and honestly have no idea where to start. Currently i am putting in new brakes and am looking to rebuild the calipers. Just to throw out another idea i was diddling around in my head about is doing an AWD conversion. It has the original 4.5 V8 and i know with some other modifications it could be a monster with AWD instead of the standard FWD. Also down the line i am looking to try and find a manual transmission that will fit into the bay. I am thinking these will be a hand in hand kind of modification. So tips with any of these or pointers will be greatly appreciated! Call me dumb, call me nuts but i like the car and want to make it into something truly unique.
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