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  1. Hello! So I'm pretty new to this car scene and I've become very interested in becoming a part of it but I need some help with some issues that my car has. I bought this 2002 Nissan Sentra se-r spec v awhile ago to learn and mess around with, but I need some help with figuring out what I need. As of now I'm trying to lift the car up because the previous owner lowered it too much that it makes driving so uncomfortable whenever I hit bumps. I'm trying to figure what I need to buy and where I can get it from that's reliable. Plus I need it lifted because it needs an alignment and when I took it in, the mechanics there said they couldn't get it up on the rack because the car was too low. Next is the clutch pedal. There is a lot of play with the clutch when I push down on it and the biting point is really down there. Its to the point where the second I lift up it's already grabbing. I'm curious if theres a way to adjust the clutch pedal so there isnt a crazy amount of play? I should mention that the previous owner installed a stage 2 clutch in it as well. There is this noise that the car makes whenever I hit a bump pretty hard and it sounds like it's coming from somewhere around the engine. It sounds like a constant whiny hissing when it happens and goes away if I turn off the car and turn it back on. One last major issue that I have is that when i fill up on gas usually the car will run rough and then stall. It didnt happen last time surprisingly, but it usually turns off on me. The owner changed the engine to an 05 engine but that's all I know engine wise. Anyways thanks if you read all that and if anyone can help me out with any of these and point me in the right direction I would so much appreciate it! I've been to a couple meets and it's awesome to see everyone else's cars and the work they put into them that I hope one day I can make my car look, sound, and perform like these other cars!
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