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  1. Hey i was hoping someone could help me figure out a slight performance issue. So i noticed some days my 2013 v6 automatic Camaro has a good amount of power while acellerating. When i give it some gas it goes up in RPM easily or downshifts quickly. But some days i hit the gas expecting the same thing but it requires me to step on the gas even further than usual to get the same power. Its like it wants to stay in the gear its in until you give it more gas. The car runs near perfect and the problem is subtle. In fact i often forget im not getting the right power until im driving and feel that burst of power from nowhere. It seems like if i rev the car to 4k or 5k, after that it drives much faster on subsequent acceleration. Its like it just wakes up. My initial thoughts are that something may be getting clogged until i give it a good rev and lossen up the fuel flow or airflow. I have a washable K&N filter and i try to keep it clean. Not sure if maybe this is the fuel filter getting clogged? Fuel pump issue? Maybe an airflow problem? I have experienced this issue on and off for a few years. Any help is appreciated!
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