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  1. New cars have crazy prices after the production lines stopped because of the pandemic. There is also a semiconductor shortage. Crazy times. So I'd recommend buying used. But before buying, check the vehicle history report to be sure that it was not flooded or crashed. You can get this with a licence plate lookup - https://www.autodetective.com/
  2. The difference is more about the performance, WRX has a 5-speed transmission, STI has 6-speed. There are other performance differences too, you can just compare them side-by-side and see which one you prefer - https://www.autodetective.com/compare/
  3. Yup, just take a couple of precautions: Take it to a trusted repair shop to check the wear and tear of your car. Not only you will know the repair state of the car, but you will also find some red flags on it. Sometimes the mechanic will find a part that was replaced way before I should have been, which is a common sign that you had an odometer replaced or the car had been in an accident. A useful resource here: https://www.automoblog.net/2021/03/19/odometer-rollback-fraud/ If you are buying an electric or hybrid car, pay close attention to battery age and health. Changing the batteries can cost you a lot of money. Useful answers here https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-most-reliable-way-to-check-the-health-capacity-of-a-used-EV-battery Ask the seller to show you the original car title. Sometimes the car will have incomplete documents and you will end up in a bureaucratic hell with the government because of it. Get the Vehicle History Report of your car online and see if it has been in any accidents before: easy to do as well https://www.autodetective.com/ Good luck and don't be scared, millions of people buy used cars and are happy with them for many years.
  4. don't make swift decisions, take your time, look up several models you like, and you can even compare them side by side: https://www.autodetective.com/compare/, to make sure the car you are buying is totally THAT car.
  5. Hey. why don't you compare a few models and see which specs are suit you more? Catch this free car compare tool and don't thank me 😁 😎
  6. In my experience, the best one is the free VIN check tool of autodetective which allows you to lookup any VIN, find the owner, detailed and real-time vehicle history, and get instant free results. They even have a car comparison tool, with what you can compare the pricing, performance, safety features, and recalls of up to 3 cars. The tools are completely free and easy to use. Enjoy and don't thank me haha 😂😂
  7. check the title for possible issues. You can also lookup the owner by VIN & find out current & past owners of the vehicle. another service you can use, is https://www.autodetective.com/
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