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  1. When I'm looking for reliability, the firs manufacturer which pops to my head is Toyota. Rav4 for suc, Avensis for simple sedan. You definitely can find a car with lower mileage. It just might take more time and vehicle with low mileage can cost more. Average mileage for a car is 10-15 miles a year. If the car was operated in the city, mileage is more damaging, highway mileage usually has less impact on engine. Don't forget that sometimes low mileage can be fixed. Especially when you see low mileage cars for a very good price. To avoid situations like this, buy a vin check report. Small amount of money for a car history report can save you more money and time. There is decent number of vin check pages to choose from. So far I'm fully satisfied with carvertical.com which provides quality reports for a decent price.
  2. Hello everyone, I was reading this article https://myfreevin.com/10-questions-to-ask-when-buying-a-used-car/ and it helped me very much then I was looking for a car to buy. Wondering what questions to you have to add to this list?
  3. Here is a good article about car history services and why it is important: https://medium.com/@raycollmond/how-to-check-the-history-of-your-car-43a70b10adaf
  4. I am not a fan of Mazda cars so I personally don't recommend any of these cars. If you want reliable car I would suggest Honda. Price wise Kia would be optimal choice.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a small city car. My attention caught Ford Fiesta and Kia Rio. I am looking for about 5 years old one of these car. Just can't decide which one is better. Maybe you can suggest from your personal experience?
  6. Have you tried bestvindecoder.com or myfreevin.com? You can get more info in these sites it helped me to get more information about various vin check sites.
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