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  1. Hi everyone! I have a small window problem. After winter the frames cracked in few places and now the cold wind from outside is entering the house. I already decided to get window replacement done but now there is a big decision on who to choose. I don’t want to go to the same company that did my windows a few years ago, because they didn’t do their job well (as I can see now). My friend recommended me this window replacement company. Did anyone hear anything about them?
  2. Choosing and then buying your first car is a big decision. Been there, done that. Although I can’t help you decide about the model - there is one point I can bring to your attention and it’s asphalt driveway in front of your house. Make sure it doesn’t need any driveway paving Fox Lake. That’s the most common reason why cars broke in my area.
  3. Having outstanding driving skills, you should work only for a maximally dependable company in Chicago. Join Rush Inc. and receive multiple benefits of being a part of our team! Our mission is to provide the customers with high quality delivery and that’s why we invest only in the most professional employees. We offer reasonable working hours as well as the pay grade that you deserve. Don’t hesitate and apply to start this long-term job as soon as possible! We are looking for truck drivers from: WI, IN, TN, GA, FL, NC, SC, MO, AL, LA, CO. More information and application form on our website rushtruckingjobs.com. Check our offer!
  4. I bought my first car last year. I was afraid that I would be scammed so I knew right away that I would choose a car dealer rather than private seller. They have a large selection of used and new cars and will help me choose the financial system without any problems. I opted for a used Jeep that was on sale at the moment! If you are from the Chicago area, Glenview to be exact then i highly recommend them - https://glenviewluxuryimports.com
  5. Hi guys, I live in Ontario and I run a small transport company. One of my truck had an accident and I need to purchase some parts and a new bumper. Do you know any good shops with truck parts at fair price?
  6. What do you think about European cars? Are they better than American? honestly I do not see the difference, for example Alfa Romeo is perfect for warmer places because they have engines designed not to overheat. I'm planning to buy a new car I found a great car dealership in Chicago, unfortunately they have such a large selection that I can not decide. https://www.glenviewluxuryimports.com
  7. Do any of you remember the old program "pimp my ride" I found a car workshop in Chicago which does exactly the same https://zealousperformance.com/custom-car-fabrication/ You can come to them with your old car and they will pimp it for you! Cool thing. I dream of coming to them with my old car and leaving with Camaro 67 What is your biggest car dream?
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