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  1. Hi, I think you should follow these 6 simple steps and you would be good to go - 1. Fix Mechanical Issues. 2. Write a Good Story 3. Photograph Extensively. 4. Generate Vehicle History Report. 5. Price Competitively 6 Find a best marketplace like car-gurus and autoreprice where you can sell quickly. I hope it will help you sell your vehicle.
  2. Hi There, I am from New jersey and I would like to know your opinions about an vehicle history report. When I searched online about vehicle history report near to my area, I came to know about the vehicle history report can tell you all the information about the vehicle you are looking to purchase, such as title record, theft record, accident history and much more. Read all about - what vehicle history reports tells you.
  3. Hi haimen, Thanks for sharing usefull information. If you have any more information about rental companies please share with me...
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