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  1. No interest so far. So what I'll do is post the first vote. If still no interest then I'll let the thread go quiet. First Vote Let's get the big one out of the way. This will affect the design, and cost, the most. So this is where we will start. Power Plant. Gas, Electric, Pedal, Pedal Assist. Make your case to the group. You can reply here if you like with your vote. Make only 1 choice. But the web page for the project has the vote on it and is automatic. It would help a lot If you voted there and talked about it here. Go to http://www.centurialinc.com/commuter-car vote is at the bottom of that page. I'm going with gas, it's easy, I know it well and the cost to go electric is 2 times more expensive at least. Fast refueling longer range. No pedals. Any thoughts? Best Matt
  2. This is Matt and I’ve got a great new project for you. We want to build a commuter vehicle and we need your help. This vehicle will be affordable and eco friendly. The features and aesthetics will be chosen entirely by popular vote. The more people who engage in voting the better. So please share the facebook poles, and get your friends and family involved. All results will be posted on our web page. including an interactive 3D model. As the building begins we will log the build on our YouTube channel for everyone to follow along with. When done the vehicle will be tested and revised by vote. This repeats till the vehicles last vote. Last vote, The vehicle is good. Yes or no. If you’re in, show us some love! First vote starts tomorrow 2/14/2020. Each vote lasts 2-3 days. Should be enough time to allow everyone to talk and vote. See the video for an introduction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1Ka2MoxzwU See the web page for more details. http://www.centurialinc.com/commuter-car See our FaceBook to follow the votes. https://www.facebook.com/centurialinc/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow the design and build. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGk1ZTXFAbiYUG4i3GrAoqw
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