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  1. Welcome! Let's share interesting things in the forum.
  2. I once had that problem and people suggested me to take it to the shop as it seemed to have no repair kit for the texture. 😌
  3. Was the topic buying a used car? Almost comments were about car rent. 😅
  4. Electric cars are a great way for environmental solutions. But I don't think I am ready for that kind of vehicle.
  5. Looking for too... I'll appreciate any suggestion.
  6. To add some points, check your car battery using a battery tester, renew a car paint, check the audio system/ lights/ brakes/ seat cover and so on.
  7. Autance has everything you need for the interior detailing. Check the website right below!
  8. I have never tried that kind of cargo on my roof rack, but I see other drivers use this way. Just the problem with the look, the weight and the difficulty of installing the roof rack.
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