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  1. GMT900 Cadillac Escalade Review Premiered !


  2. XU50 Highlander Review


  3. Here, a teen shares thoughts on a 2019 concept unveiled and driven since November. A Cybertruck of his dreams he may get if it's not that concept.
  4. Do you wish Elon Musk was there with me ? The Cybertruck will be on sale by 2021
  5. I finally visited a dealer ship that has cars best competitive to Honda by mileage. Who prefers Hyundai more than Honda ?
  6. Here I visit a dealer that gives a "Power Of Dreams"... Subscribe @King Auto & Xcelsior Dispatcher !
  7. On January 31st, I visited this Plaza Auto Mall of Toyota. This mall is most awarded for complex car inventory, as well as Honda, Acura, and Hyundai. In this vid, I showcasing my favorite Toyotas I may get for driving to college next year.
  8. Hello everyone, I am Cedric from Brooklyn, NY as a new member of Car Forums. I am also a teenager who loves cars since my toddler years back in Haiti🇭🇹. As a teenager, I am getting my permit sooner this year. And my favorite brand I encounter most(non-luxury) is Toyota. And this company is known for mainly making cars that live long as it can, even a 1990 Camry that never dies(shown in one Youtube video). Speaking of "Youtube video", I am also a youtuber for cars and also off topic, NYC Transit(Transit agency heart of NYC). In the future, I am interested into getting one of my top 3 Toyotas which are between a Camry, RAV4, and a 4Runner by next year going into college. More physical, I am also gonna be designing cars for Toyota(as an auto designer, first career) by at least the year 2025-26. You may see me as one of the new team designers in mid-2020s. Welcome me to this site ! YouTube Channel(Me): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKYfHvISPsIPJ2OjooQ0nQ Myself in the Tesla Model S⬇️
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