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  1. Hello. It seems to me that your new car should be future-proof. Perhaps you will not immediately appreciate the appearance of the Chevrolet, but as a car owner I can say that the question of rationality of fuel consumption, wear of spare parts will be relevant to you later
  2. If there is an opportunity to buy a good car, then it is worth doing it. Perhaps your way of achieving such a car is different. You will buy it yourself, for the money you earn yourself. And you will be the best. One of these cars is the Jaguar
  3. Hey. Thank you for such half-hearted information. I learned for myself new field information about Japanese cars. For example Acura or Honda
  4. Hey. Thank you for such half-hearted information. I have always wondered how to choose the right service. I think your advice will help
  5. Hey. You correctly noted that every car manufacturer focuses on the area where the car is supposed to be used, temperature conditions, relief. I guess you're picking a city car. You should take a closer look at Nissan, it wins a lot in terms of price and quality of parts
  6. Hey. I want to say that this technology really interested me. Only I have some doubts whether it is possible to apply such technology to a machine that is more than 10 years old. In some places there is an effect of corrosion I have a Toyota car that's exactly like that. Tell me if you worked with machines of a similar plan.
  7. Hey. I do not quite understand, please specify. Your car was specially lowered or the springs were worn to such an extent that the car became low
  8. I would recommend that for the first car, take an inexpensive car and with spare parts available for change. In any case, you will develop driving skills and the car in perfect condition will constantly keep you in stress
  9. I don`t think it`s worth neglecting a good reviev. You should replace it to avoid any incidents on the road. I would even replace the side mirrow with a mirrow another manufacturer or another color
  10. As for me, it makes sense looking for solution in complete tyre replacement another brand
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