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  1. My website also provides some useful advice on how to choose the best aftermarket car parts and car advice. Visit here: https://autance.com/ Really want to hear your thoughts and hope that it helps you.
  2. Did you have your own first car? Upgrading your car is a great way to have more fun with your car especially your audio system. Try to protect the exterior and then do some crazy things with your interior. Cool
  3. When you put new paint on your car, there are some notices that you should follow to avoid it happen again. First do not wash your car under direct sunlight then using the proper car wash soaps. Don't use the hair shampoo or the dish wash soap to wash your car. Try to use the car cover when you park it under the sunlight. Hope it helps
  4. You are right but there is a better way. Now you can DIY wash your car and then polish it by using a polisher. You can do what you want with your car.
  5. Can you show your pic? It's much easier to give the right advice. Use the steering wheel cover is a good option. There is a lot of texture steering wheel cover available now in the market and it may meet your expectations.
  6. Is there any update. How much you paid for it? Is this good for the price
  7. Is there any car that has more than 2 wheel cylinders??
  8. I personally love the Isuzu for its comfortable driving than the Hilux.
  9. There is another source that you can refer to https://autance.com/best-car-wash-soaps/ , https://autance.com/best-wax-for-black-car/. They'll give you the properly way to wash and wax your car.
  10. If you are the first time buyer and don't know how to choose from a very overwhelmed market, here is the site that will give you some accurate reviews and advice: https://autance.com/.
  11. Hi, I am not sure maybe it's off topic right now but for those who still need to have more information abt roof rack and it's a good source for you. Kayak can be installed directly on the roof rack if you wish but if you use a wide mouth J bar, you can easily mount your kayak or canoe in a nearly upright position and strap it in easily and do not scare that your antenna is harmful
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