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  1. Hello there,

    it's my first post. I would like to ask for your kind advice.

    The other night, when I started my Hyundai Accent Sedan 2016 (Gas), I noticed that my Check Engine light went on and blinked for nearly around a minute before going away.
    I observed it for a few moments and then proceeded with driving out. I checked with the nearby auto shop what might be wrong and how much it would cost to diagnose it. They ruled out spark plugs and sparkplug wires right away, saying the engine started with too much power for it to be a sparkplug issue. They recommended doing a scanner test. This would cost 1,250 PhP (or $20+ in USD).

    My question, would the scanner still work and be able to diagnose my car's problem even though the Check Engine light has NOT gone ON ever since that night? It may not seem much to some here, but $20+ USD from where I am from is substantial, especially for a DIAGNOSTIC. I just want to make sure that the money will NOT be wasted and will actually yield some positive result. I'm in the middle of switching jobs, so I really cannot afford to waste any money right now. :(


     Additional info (if it helps):
    - I've traveled nearly 100 KM since the night the light came on, and the light has NOT came back on since then.
    - Since that night though, I noticed that the Estimated Kilometer Range (the one that predicts how many KMs before you're out of fuel, but not the fuel gauge) hasn't been working properly. I would travel 3-5 KMs and it would not move, then will deduct the KMs in bulk later, and sometimes would even return a KM or 2. The E-F fuel gauge seems to be working fine though, along with everything else. Everything is digital except for tacho and speedo which are working fine as well.
    - I've had a faulty car alarm for more than a year now. I had it checked last year and they diagnosed it to fried or short-circuited I believe. I didn't have it removed though in a hope it could be repaired, but I've abandoned hope on that now. It doesn't even make a sound anymore if I open the car without unlocking, only the lights go on. I suspect this may be involved in the interference. Could it?


    I'm sorry for the long post. I really hope someone can help. 

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