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  1. When the mixture of fuel and air inside the car cylinder is not functioning properly, the fuel cannot burn evenly. Types of knocking • Car knock • Spark knock • Skirt knock Following are the points that help you to recognize the knocking noise issues • Low octane rating fuel • Wrong spark plug • Carbon deposits This issue is solved by an expert mechanic. Don’t worry; just take your vehicle to your near mechanic shop.
  2. Thanks for the guide. Check out the following tips: Maintain tire pressure - Right tire pressure is important for a smooth ride. Incorrect tire pressure can have a negative effect on your comfort also on your fuel budget. Check tire pressure on a regular basis. You will surely have a decent result by doing this simple thing. Replace your tires when necessary - Tires have life and they work according to their life. Whenever you find that your tire is not in good working condition then replacing is the only solution. If you have not any knowledge of checking the tire's condition, then you should ask your car mechanic.
  3. Electric cars were prevalent in the early 20th century. Electric cars are powered by electric energy. These vehicles are powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. Components of electric cars: • Motor • Controller • Charger • DC/DC Converter • Batteries • Contactors Advantages of electric cars • Noise-free • No fire hazards • Reduce dependence on oil and gasoline. • Low maintenance cost
  4. Yes, things like budget, car's fuel efficiency, and budget are the important things to be considered before purchasing a car. But apart from these, there are several more things that must be considered before purchasing a car. Finance - Before buying a new car or used cars, it's always a good idea to take a good thorough look at your finances. It will help you to manage your budget plan. Market research - Buying a car demands great market research. Knowing your market helps you to determine the best price. The Internet plays an important role. But great market research requires a deep search which is possible only when you are physically present in the market. Mechanic advice – Without technical knowledge, it is impossible to determine the vehicle’s condition. Mechanics is the source of information. So, before the deal, it is advisable to contact a local mechanic. They will tell you every detail in depth which will be very beneficial for you. Know previous modifications – When buying a used car, it is very important to check the car’s prior modifications. For any type of information related to performance chips, check the detailed information at Tuningfileshop.
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