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  1. Hey Guys, I hope you all are doing well and are taking care of your health. It has been so many months that I am not taking my car outside due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Post lockdown, I rarely use my car as its need wasn't there. I prefer walking to the market, and my workshop as it is near to my house. Last November, I had purchased an auto insurance policy from this company in Oshawa. I thought about why I have to lose my money for paying insurance premiums when I am not using my car due to this lockdown. Even though the lockdown restrictions were eased, I believe it is safe to stay indoors. When I searched online, I saw many articles on how to save auto insurance costs during Covid-19. Is it possible to temporarily suspend my car insurance coverage? Are there any other ways to keep insurance costs down during these times? Is cancelling an auto insurance policy without completing one year a bad idea? Can someone advise me on this? Thanks!
  2. Hey There, Currently, I'm working in a car workshop. Nowadays, I'm stressed as there is a lot of car repair and servicing works. I'm tired of bending down and picking up tools. And holding tools for a long time is causing muscle fatigue. I discussed with a friend for a solution to this problem. He said that using these tool balancers may make a difference, but he is not sure. Has anyone tried using tool balancers? Are they helpful? Did it make your workshop works stress-free? Please share your opinions. I really want to know about this.
  3. Hi everyone, I am posting in this forum for the first time. I want to know something regarding car insurance. Recently, I bought a car. I have decided to insure it. It is a low mileage car. I bought this car because I don't have much distance to travel to my office from home. I doubt whether I can get low mileage discounts. Is it possible? Is there be any reduction in insurance costs for low mileage cars? One of my friends suggested an auto insurance company in Oshawa. I would like to know opinions about this company. Can somebody help me with these? Thanks!
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