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  1. This Is What Happens If You PUSH Start-Stop WHILE Driving (in a brand new car...) Don't!!! 😂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS5ZiXt4Viw
  2. The New LCI Facelist of the BMW X1 SUV is a great compact SUV. Here is a test drive video from German Autobahn Highway POV drive with top speed, acceleration and sound:
  3. The 2020 BMW X1, Maybe the bet compact premium SUV
  4. The new 2020 Mercedes GLC Coupe is here but is it better than the new 2020 Porsche Macan? Here is on of the first test drive reviews of Mercedes GLC Coupe:
  5. This is a really good looking electric car but will it also be best in class? Wonder why Audi did not make this awesome design before in their other SUVs. https://youtu.be/b_TLA5rD5WU
  6. I have always liked the Volvo SUV's but my favorite is the Volvo XC60. It is really one of the best looking midsize SUVs, but it also has a heavy price tag. In same price scale as BMW X3/X4 and Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC/GLE. Volvo is up there on top of the luxury segment, but what about built quality? The 2020 Volvo XC60 looks stunning...
  7. The new Audi S8 luxury sedan is ready to order and is properly the most high-tech car in the world. Check out the animated video that Audi just put out. I'm not a tech geek but I have never seen anything like that. Enjoy Here it is:
  8. Here is a video about removing bad car smell in very easy steps.....
  9. A new SMALL Electric Smart Car From Mercedes, the Smart EQ ForFour city car is now fully electric and much Cheaper Than Tesla, if you can even compare these two and you properly can't because Tesla is not making small affordable cars like this SMART. Anyway this car will appeal to a lot of people and will compete with VW ID Crozz EV. and Nissan Leaf, that said it is the smallest of these three, but also the best city car. What do you think? Here is a recent video from Germany: (click on video to see it smaller)
  10. Hi car fans! I'm new at the forum and drive in Europe on daily basis. I love testing news cars!
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