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  1. For sure automobile enterprises should invest for research and development projects for the sake of their reputation and facilitate their customers. After the gas emission scandal, Volkswagen should definitely give extra funds to for such projects, but in my opinion, there is also another way to collect investments for this thing. I am referring here socially and environmentally responsible investments. Companies should throw ESG shares in the stock market and encourage the investors to get them. Automobile companies can give several arguments about why investors should invest in ESG stocks, and these investments are also very safe and reputable. Definitely, with the help of ESG investments, auto companies can improve the environment with eco-friendly fuel options and overcome the use of natural resources etc. With the help of these investments, auto companies can also run their R&D projects after the approval of the investors. By the way, it is also excellent news for vehicle riders and owners that companies are trying their best to improve their driving experience. I also found this source which claims that R&D investment of automobile companies reached near 103.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and hopefully, we would see the results of these investments soon.
  2. Greetings! Last week, I purchased a vehicle from a Japanese site after making complete verifications. Though I have paid them and they have sent me the payment receipt, but now, we are having shipment issues. Actually, they want to courier me original bill of lading via EMS, but I am worried what if I didn't get this original bill at a time or in case of damage or loss. That's why after reading this article https://www.jluggage.com/blog/shipping/what-is-surrendered-bill-of-lading/ I am thinking to ask them for a surrendered bill of payment. As I have already paid them so after making payment to the carrier, I can get the ownership of vehicle which would arrive at the port in a few days. Do you think the use of the surrendered bill of lading is safer than the use of the original bill? According to my friends, I am only overthinking, and it is always better to proceed with the original bill of lading to avoid customs issues. Is it true? Can custom officers make it delay if I import vehicle via surrender bill of lading? I am very much confused, and I hope you guys would suggest me the right options. Your experiences & opinions are also welcome.
  3. Greetings! Due to lockdown in many countries of Europe, my company is also working from home, and I am not using my vehicle at all. Actually, we have two vehicles at home, and home shopping and outing could be done with one car, and I am thinking to use my second vehicle for courier business. Yeah! Though it is lockdown and business are not doing enough, but I noticed that home deliveries and online shopping give a boost to the courier business. In the beginning, we are doing a venture with an already registered courier company of a friend and later would decide either it could be a separate business or not. However, I am confused about the courier insurance. Indeed, I found several types of courier insurance and quotes here https://comparecourierinsurance.co.uk/ but do you think I should I also include driver's cover in it? Or courier company should pay for it? Also, I am confused about GIT cover. Probably, most of the time, the vehicle would be used for dresses and other deliveries instead of food, so GIT doesn't sound as important in this situation. What are your views on this matter? Please come with your thorough ideas and suggestions. I am waiting for your responses.
  4. Greetings! No doubt, the automotive sector is getting the benefit of robotic process automation from years in terms of real-time processing, accuracy, communication and inventory management etc. But do you think the use of RPA for dealerships would give the same positive results? Though dealerships are already using the RPA in the form of management software, CRM and many other communication tools but here I am focusing the use of RPA from here for better communication and convincing poor to get more clients. Do you think the use of robotic process automation in a unique manner can help dealerships to attain and retain more clients? Do you think with better client relationships in terms of 24/7 hours communication could lead to an increment in sales? Or we need to emphasize other aspects of the RPA to achieve this milestone? On the other contrary, I am more convinced that the use of RPA could be more useful to impress clients in post-sales operations, but I am still confused how to get more sales with RPA features in the dealership industry. Please share your thoughts in this regard. I am waiting for your opinions. Unique ideas are also welcomed.
  5. Greetings! I am building a car rental portal in PHP and Android nowadays. The main agenda of this online portal is to connect different car rentals and hirers in Germany. Though this portal doesn't offer any direct rental service but you can consider it as a third party between the person who is looking for a vehicle on rent and the renter agency or even individual. Almost design and payment options etc. have designed, but I have stuck among different postal codes APIs. According to my client, it should be Google Maps, but honestly, I never used Google Maps ever to fetch postal codes. However, I have used GeoNames, and I am thinking to use this German zip codes list to fetch dataset into PHP and Android etc. Withal, according to my client, I should also consider some other sources like Wikipedia and GitHub etc. Even Google Maps could be an option. I am here to know either any of you used Google Maps to bring German postal codes for any of your auto, rent etc. website or application? Is there any official site of Germany that offers postal codes dataset into PHP? Please come with serious suggestions. I am waiting for your responses.
  6. There are several sites that offer a discount on auto parts. If it is possible for you, then it is better to import auto parts from Japan because Japanese auto stores give reasonable discounts. However, if you don't want to engage in the shipment of auto parts and the import process, then you should see coupon codes and discount deals of automotive stores from here https://couponclans.com/coupons/automotive/. Yes, Couponclans could be a great place to get a discount on auto parts, and it is also a free coupon site. On the other hand, you can also see Advanced Auto Parts and consider their deals and coupons to get discounts on auto parts and repair services. I am also attaching their current offers here https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/o/advance-auto-parts-coupons-and-deals. Hopefully, it would help you. Otherwise, you can also follow top auto parts stores to get the benefit of seasonal discount offers.
  7. I don't think Amazon is the ideal place to get aftermarket auto parts. First of all, you should try to find aftermarket parts from your nearby dealerships and workshops, but if they are not available there, then you can try to find them on local social media groups. However, if you want some discount and want to pick an online option, then you should definitely visit Advanced Auto Parts. Yes, they are super quick in delivery, and even you can pick these ordered parts from their nearby shop with 25% to 40% coupon discount as well. Similarly, you want right quality aftermarket auto parts with fair deals and every information about the auto part then you should visit Hy2Japan. Yes, they have ample stock of aftermarket engines and auto parts, and you can also see their stock here https://www.hy2japan.com/auto-parts-stock. Withal, you need to customize your search to get your desired parts. Its interface is straightforward, and you can pick car manufacturer of your desire and can get required auto part within a few clicks. Hopefully, you would go with a good deal. Best of Luck!
  8. Honestly, I don't think that a 16 years old guy invest a lot on his first vehicle. Though you can go with exciting options in future but right now, you should prefer the used car. Indeed, you can get good quality Nissan 240SX in your budget if you go with pre-owned option. I found Nissan in right conditions here https://www.kijiji.ca/b-cars-trucks/canada/nissan-240sx/c174l0a54a1000054, and I think these are also in your budget. I would suggest you to go under $5000 or $6000 range because you would also have to pay for $200 to $350 for shorter distances according to this source https://www.topmove.ca/car-transportation. Yes, you can also compare the costs of transportation according to your credentials as well. Similarly, you would also need to some budget for insurance, maintenance and even customizer if you want. That's why instead of spending all of your money on new vehicle's purchase, you shouldn't ignore the other factors. Hopefully, you would pick the right vehicle. By the way, don't forget to get a driving license. Though the minimum age to get a driving license is 16 in most provinces of Canada but don't drive without having license and clearance.
  9. Hello! Though there are still active cases in the United States, Canada, the UK and other European countries but our group of friends decided to go for a long drive this weekend. We are a group of four friends, and I am here to now which preventative measures should we take to avoid this infection. Yes, we would go some sanitizers, check our temperatures in advance and take care of social distancing. However, I am a little confused about the masks. According to my friends, we should try some trendy cotton masks but do you think cotton masks are safe enough? Secondly, we are considering to purchase this copper-ion infused mask because it is not reusable but also kills the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Yes, they are three-layer ones. Do you think they are safe enough for car riders? Similarly, I also need your suggestions about air purifiers. Should we also carry any portable purifier with us? All in all, I need your advice to have a safe journey. Please come with serious and feasible suggestions.
  10. Thanks, Kesha for this informative post. Actually, it has done with me several times. Yes, I have lost many expensive accessories while watch repairing. Even in the beginning, it was tough for me to recognize either they replace any of my watch parts with a duplicate cheap part. However, now, I don't give my watch in the hands of such looters. In my opinion, we should fix our watches our own. Indeed, I have replaced my watch straps. Yes, I purchased 4-5 watch strap pairs from here https://montret.com/collections/straps for my entire family and changed them my own with the help of some online tutorials. Hopefully, very soon, I would also get command on placing wristwatch battery as well.
  11. Greetings! My office is open now, and I have to spend lots of my daily time in my car due to high distance. The interior of my vehicle is looking very inorganize,d that's why I am thinking to use a valet tray. Yes, I would place all of my smartphone accessories, earbuds, coins and other documents etc. in a composed manner. In this regard, I see one of the best valet trays here and most of them are leather-covered one. But according to my husband, I should pick more solid trays. Yes, she is referring to wooden valet trays, but I don't think they would be as affordable as the leather ones. I see many wooden valet trays but only a few of them could be covered via lip. Anyway, if you are using any wooden valet tray, then you can share your views with me. For sure, I would also love to know about your experience with leather valet trays as well. I would prefer to place them on my dashboard, that's why it would be grateful if you share your stories of putting them on the panel. Waiting for your response.
  12. Hi Everyone! My mother, who lives in Philadelphia, is looking for a new vehicle, probably a truck or SUV. However, her budget is not enough for new models; that's why we are willing to go with some late models but yes, wouldn't compromise on the quality. My mom is an aged lady, and she can't visit the service centres again and again. In this regard, I found several Nissan and Ford vehicles at Carmax here https://www.carmax.com/cars/all?location=philadelphia+pa but their quotes are little high. According to my brother, we should go with monthly instalment for a used vehicle and Royal Car Center https://www.royalcarcenter.com/ could be a reliable option for us. However, I noticed they are only offering a few SUVs and trucks right now, but they help in auto loan in a tremendous way. Do you think we should consider them or go with Carmax? Or any other car seller? I would be grateful if you share some other options to get pre-owned vehicles in Philadelphia on instalments. Waiting for your suggestions. Yes, you can refer the site addresses as well.
  13. Greetings! We are cleaning our house, and in this regard, we need a van on rent. The lender is not insuring the van within the rent price, and we decided that we will get temporary insurance for this vehicle. However, we are confused either we should get coverage for 2-3 weeks or should go with a monthly plan. We found affordable temporary van insurance quotes and comparisons here https://tempvaninsure.co.uk/, and according to my mom, monthly plans are more convenient. According to her, it would be tough to go for renewal each week, and the monthly plan is flexible. Withal, I am not much happy with monthly plan because mayhap our work would finish within 2-3 weeks then why would we go with a monthly plan? According to mom, we can use the van for travel and other purposes if we finish the work before month because we rented it for a month. Do you think it is a wise and affordable idea to go with a monthly plan? Secondly, do you believe Aviva is the right company, or we should also consider other insurance companies as well? I am waiting for fir your acute responses.
  14. Hi Everyone! This weekend I have plans to detail my car at home. I have done an exterior car detailing many times in life. Like I have used 2 bucket method, applied clay bar, done sanding, polish and painting etc. However, it is the first time when I am going to proceed with interior detailing. Though I would entirely wash the vacuum the interior including upholstery in the beginning but I think the use of steam cleaning would be more useful to remove dirt and debris after it. As a beginner, I don't want to spend expensive and big sized steam cleanings. That's why I decided to pick handheld steam cleaner from here. I would be grateful if you suggest a good handheld steam cleaning. My core preferences are extended nozzle and stain removing capacity. Probably, extended nozzle ones would help to remove debris and dirt under seats and congested areas. On the other hand, I would also like to know your views about steam cleaning vs use of shampoo for interior car detailing. Waiting for your responses.
  15. Hi Everyone! I own a few trailers and big trucks. Due to this COVID pandemic, we are not using them for both personal and commercial purpose; that's why I am planning to use them for dumpster rental purpose. Basically, I am willing to start a dumpster rental business. As I already have some staff and vehicles, that's why I would need a good strategy and some tips. I found this article about dumpster rental business plan very useful. Probably, we would also get dumpster rental software from this place. However, I am a little confused about the dumpster size. As I have explained at the beginning that I am not going to use dumpsters for waste or residential purpose, that's why their size would also be different. We would offer home garage service where we would provide dumpster rental services with transportation features to clean out their garages. Yes, it is a little unique one. I am confused between 6-yard cubic and 10-yard cubic dumpsters. According to my team, home garages don't have much to clean out that's why 6-yard dumpster would be enough. What do you think in this regard? I would also be grateful if you include some suggestions for my business.
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