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  1. Hi Everyone! This weekend I have plans to detail my car at home. I have done an exterior car detailing many times in life. Like I have used 2 bucket method, applied clay bar, done sanding, polish and painting etc. However, it is the first time when I am going to proceed with interior detailing. Though I would entirely wash the vacuum the interior including upholstery in the beginning but I think the use of steam cleaning would be more useful to remove dirt and debris after it. As a beginner, I don't want to spend expensive and big sized steam cleanings. That's why I decided to pick handheld steam cleaner from here. I would be grateful if you suggest a good handheld steam cleaning. My core preferences are extended nozzle and stain removing capacity. Probably, extended nozzle ones would help to remove debris and dirt under seats and congested areas. On the other hand, I would also like to know your views about steam cleaning vs use of shampoo for interior car detailing. Waiting for your responses.
  2. Hi Everyone! I own a few trailers and big trucks. Due to this COVID pandemic, we are not using them for both personal and commercial purpose; that's why I am planning to use them for dumpster rental purpose. Basically, I am willing to start a dumpster rental business. As I already have some staff and vehicles, that's why I would need a good strategy and some tips. I found this article about dumpster rental business plan very useful. Probably, we would also get dumpster rental software from this place. However, I am a little confused about the dumpster size. As I have explained at the beginning that I am not going to use dumpsters for waste or residential purpose, that's why their size would also be different. We would offer home garage service where we would provide dumpster rental services with transportation features to clean out their garages. Yes, it is a little unique one. I am confused between 6-yard cubic and 10-yard cubic dumpsters. According to my team, home garages don't have much to clean out that's why 6-yard dumpster would be enough. What do you think in this regard? I would also be grateful if you include some suggestions for my business.
  3. Greetings! Since last year, I am not visiting any grocery store other than Kroger. A few days ago, I heard about their customer satisfaction survey program which offers participants gift cards, cash rewards and fuel points. I found this article worth reading to understand about Kroger feedback program. Now, I have near about 100 points in my Kroger Plus Shopper's card, but I am confused about its use at pump stations. According to Kroger's customer service, I can save 10 cents off per gallon with 100 fuel points. Do you think I should use them or try to win more points to get some handsome discount? Secondly, I am confused either these points could only be used at Shell stations or I can use them anywhere? Moreover, the gift cards of $100 also work to get fuel points or to get discounts at fuel stations for different vehicles? It would be great if you come with your experience and useful suggestions.
  4. Yes, you are right. Dealerships typically offer loans for regular cars, and I don't think they would provide you with a loan with reasonable interest rate. Though I can suggest you, car brokers, in this regard but again, it would be challenging to get finance for used or old vehicles from them because usually, their funders invest in new vehicles according to market trends. However, if you have any precious metal or items like gold, silver, watches and branded bags, then you can get a loan from Pawn Shops. I am mentioning rates of Melbourne Pawn Shop here, but you can find numerous pawn shop in the different states of America as well. I am referring pawnshop because it is similar like an easy to pay the loan with few TOS and their approval is also very easy. Even you can proceed with lousy credit scores here. I think you must consider this option. Banks are also another option to get a car loan, but I don't like their high-interest policy and challenging loan approval terms.
  5. Hi Simon! I don't think salary is the primary factor to get car loans. They also check your credit history and documentation etc. Also, you need to check which type of loan is more suitable for you. Yes, you can pick dealership, broker and bank loans in this regard. However, if you own precious metals like gold etc. and want to get quick cash to get a vehicle, then pawnshop loans like this could be an excellent option for you. Here, you wouldn't have to worry about loan approval a lot because usually, you get cash instantly. Withal, you must have anything with accordance to the cost of the loan that you are going to take. I have tried this loan for my first vehicle. I gave them my expensive branded watches and a few gold coins. But, yes, I got them back after paying my entire loan.
  6. Greetings! I know many of you have already played these fantastic vehicle simulation games. But, if you don't play vehicle simulation games, then you need to play them. These are not only a good way to pass spare time but has too many benefits. Specifically, if we talk about American Truck Simulator, then you wouldn't only get decent graphic but real looking maps of different states of American will increase your exposure. New truck, trailer and even car mods like this https://atsmod.net/american-truck-simulator-mods/ats-cars/ will enhance your knowledge about distinct features of vehicles. On the other hand, they would also improve your mental controllability to hand risky and stressful driving situations. Yes, in many cases, it has been noticed that drivers who ride on simulators handle a dangerous driving situation effectively. All in all, I would suggest driving to play must vehicle simulation games like ATS and ETS 2. You are also welcomed to discuss the pros and cons of vehicle simulation games here.
  7. Hello Everyone! I contacted with a nearby dealer and asked for Powersports financing and his high-interest rates shocked me. Actually, I need 2 motorcycles and one snowmobile for my Uncle's recreational area. Before this he always purchased them but this time, he wants Powersports loan and willing to pay premiums monthly. Though winter season is not near that's why we can delay financing for snowmobile but for sure, we would like to get a motorcycle loan. After getting unsatisfactory interest rates and high premiums, we are excluding dealership loans from our list. Now, only two options are left. One is a bank and second is broker loans. I heard good reputation of motorcycle brokers of this https://tundramotorbikeloans.finance/ motorbike loan provider but I am not sure which areas they cover for provision of motorbike loans. It will be great if you share Tundra Motorbike loans reviews with me (if you have used). Or suggest good loan brokers that work in major states of America. Additionally, you can share your experiences about banks auto financing. I am waiting for your recommendations.
  8. Hi Everyone! I need to drive every day but nowadays, I am having severe kind of chronic pain which sometimes occurs in the form of myofascial and muscular pains. I have been used ibuprofen and aspirin as medication but they only give temporary relief. That's why I decided to use CBD oil. Though my sources are allowing to use CBD oils without THC before driving. But I am still confused either I should use them before driving or not. Actually, I drive to my office in the morning and in morning start having muscular pain when I enter my office. Then, my friend suggested me to use this CBD oils https://www.weednews.co/best-cbd-oil/ but I am hesitating and thinking it could make me high. My doctor suggested me to take low potency dosage as a trial with zero THC but I am here to know your experiences. Did you ever use CBD oil or dosage before driving? Is it safe? By the way, it is not psychiatric. Please share your views. I am waiting.
  9. The web is full of men's clothing stores but only a few of them are trustworthy. If you want a complete solution for men's wear then ASOS is the best option. Yes, it has all kind of clothing options from shirts, tees, trainers and sportswear. Their footwear products are also very classy. I always go with this option with less budget. However, if you want streetwear tees and hoodies then you can also consider this streetwear clothing store https://antliveproject.com/. Though they are not listing a massive variety of items but the quality of tees and hoodies are awesome here. Hopefully, you will pick the right option. By the way, if you only want to stick with polo shirts then you should follow Farfetch. Their collection of polo shirts is very trendy with catchy designs and fresh colours.
  10. I heard many reviews about Mofin wireless car charger and like its gravity clip. But, honestly, I never purchased Mofin chargers and its accessories like phone holder because I found it a little pricey. Secondly, its 3 in 1 wireless charger also doesn't consider a good fit for Airpods Pro. However, I recently purchased a wireless charger and holder for my car from RAVPower. It's fast charging, and high-temperature projection features amazed me. Interestingly, RAVPower collection of chargers, especially wireless car charges, can fulfil each requirement of charging. You can see the complete collection of RAVPower chargers here https://www.ravpower.com/collections/charger and can pick a right one according to your budget and requirement. Similarly, Choetech Dual Wireless Charger could also be a reasonable option. It also offers 10W power for fast charging and plenty of charging speed. On the other hand, my friend is using Nanami Fast Wireless Charger, and according to her, Nanami is very reliable if you have smartphone safety concerns.
  11. If your boyfriend loves cars, bass and shirts etc then you can gift him any of these items. However, to increase his attachment towards your gift you need to customize such things. For example, if you are going to gift him a bass speaker for his car then you can use lights to decore it to increase its beauty or can include some attachments. Similarly, if you want to go with shirts then I have an amazing idea for you. You should get shirts from a good brand and print cool signs and birthday quotes. In this regard, you can see a variety of birthday quotes from here https://pixelsquote.net/funny-birthday-quotes/. I know these are a little funny but I think the boyfriend will like it. On the other hand, car cakes could also be a great idea. I also wouldn't cost you a lot. You can also gift him any sports kits if he loves sports and outdoors. Hopefully, you will go with the best options.
  12. As compared to shops, people are preferring to order such motorcycle lifts and other accessories from Amazon or other online retailers due to lockdown. Unite lifts that you mentioned here sounds interesting but I didn't found it here https://motoprove.com/best-motorcycle-lift among the best motorcycle lifts. It would be great if share Titan or Kendon lifts because I like them because of their dimensions and capacity. On the other hand, one of my friends also suggested me to go with VIVOHome. What are your views as a retailer about it? My research says it could be a reliable option for commercial bikers.
  13. To compare car insurance quotes, I usually prefer to get quotes from Confused.com or Expedia. Yes, they are very reliable about the quote comparison. If you ask about the recent insurance experience then I recently got van insurance after conducting quotes comparison from here https://directvaninsurance.co.uk/. Yes, it wasn't about only single van but it is about near about 6-7 vans that we are going to use for commercial purpose as a company. I think for bulk vehicles, insurers give some discount as compared to single car insurance. Hopefully, you will go with the best option. Best of luck!
  14. Sounds Great! I want to use this spray for headlights and logo areas of my car. However, I have questions about it. First of all, I would like to know in this lockdown situation what is about delivery? Isn't a better idea to give us a link of your Amazon store? Secondly, I only want these changes for summer. So, do you think this spray is easy to remove with this kind of paint removers? Yes, I would like to remove this colour from lights areas in winter because it can hurt light performance. Or nail polish remover is also enough to remove this kind of colours? Indeed, I want these modifications for my vehicle for only summers.
  15. Greetings! As all of us are in quarantine and not going out due to lockdown. This situation isn't only affecting humans but pets like dogs are also facing its impacts. My dog loves to go outside especially he loves long drives and plays in parks. However, in this current pandemic, I am not taking him out at all and found that he is feeling sad or maybe it's depression. I found this article about dog's depression treatment here and trying my best to play with him but after some time he goes to my car and tries to open it. I don't know what should I do because lockdown is getting a little strict in our area. I am just willing to what should I do to make him happy? I am thinking to use any medicine but wet recommended to have a little drive. Can you tell me which areas have fewer restrictions for driving in New York or should I go outside with my dog? What are the chances of his infection? Should I use a mask for him? Waiting for your suggestions.
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