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  1. Hey! I have a 2012 Nissan rouge AWD. About a month ago I noticed my car making a gurgling/grinding noise with initial acceleration. If I hit the gas really hard the noise goes away till I let up on the gas again. When parked and hitting the gas the car does not make this noise. At the same time we noticed that the boot was torn on the right upper CV axle so we ordered the part to fix it. We fixed it last Friday along with the rear left CV axle (it was knocking). But the noise is still there. The gas mileage is getting worse steadily and I notice that when I drive other cars now I have a heavy foot so that leads me to believe there may be some minor power loss with the noise. We have a baby coming in January and trying to get the car ready for her or buy something new if needed. Any ideas would be great!
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