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  1. I got it out! All I had to do was pound it 200+ times w a brass hammer. And alternate with crowbar. ... I think joining this forum was a lucky break. I wonder if it will work when I replace the brushes and put it back in?
  2. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I've been outside working on it. OK, 2 bolts. Thank you. I used a crowbar from the top trying to get it out. I think I twisted it and made the lower back ear slide down on the mount instead of up.
  3. Is there more than 2 bolts holding the alternator of a 1999 Ford Contour/Mondeo inline 4cyl? aka Mercury Mystique. It is locked solid. I've removed this alternator before, I don't remember a 3rd bolt. The alternater sits sideways in the car behind the engine. The right side has the pully, which points at the right fender well. That side has the heads of 2 bolts. But the left side (opposite from the pully) is hidden under the intake manifold. In these pictures, just 2 bolts go through the 4 "ears" of the alternator case. I don't see a bolt hole (or holes) on the backside. The 1998 and before 4 cylinder have 3 bolt mounts. The V6 alternator is also different. If there isn't another bolt, then it's possible the "ears" bushings are seized.
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