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  1. I have been considering removing my back seats and using that plus the trunk to house the engine components, instead of the engine bay. My question: I have a fwd. If I move the engine to the rear of the car, will I be able to use the same set up to run it as a rwd since the engine will be in the back? Instead of having to “convert” it to rwd. NOTE: I didn’t know which category to put this in.
  2. By build, I mean buying a used chassis and installing everything (engine-based) brand new (on your own). How does this work with mileage/odometer?
  3. I need to replace my fuel injectors, but I don’t have the money to spend like 60$ for each (4). Much cheaper options are on places like Ebay and Amazon (as low as $30-40 for all four), but are they worth it? And if they end up being faulty, am I risking damage to my vehicle?
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