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  1. Hello! I will soon get my license, and am thinking about buying my first car. This will not happen soon (need to save some money), but I would like some ideas of where to start. My budget will be somewhere around $5000, maybe could go up to 8-10 thousand for something really nice. I want a car that will be easy and cheap to maintain, have a spacious (I’m 6’4 with long legs) and pleasant interior, and go fast (would like 0-60 under 6.5 and top speed above 140 or 130 mph). It can have 2 or more seats. I don’t know if everything is possible for my budget, but I have to ask. I know a Miata is a common recommendation, but I’d like something that goes maybe a bit faster, if possible. Maybe a Porsche Boxster, but is it reliable? I was thinking about a corvette, chevy camaro, or pontiac firebird, but I don’t want something that I will not be happy driving day to day. Thanks! Tomek
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