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  1. Interesting crackdown on motorists. That was informative to watch. https://www.igorbnews.com/2020/06/uk-coronavirus-thousands-come-to.html
  2. Chains look cool. For those that ever wear chains to look fashionable. The car can also have cool chains. Maybe for a metal concert. That would sure have good grip on snow.
  3. It's nice to have good interior lightning. Don't lose small things inside car in the dark night. Use lights to see the entire interior of the vehicle.
  4. I thought chauffeur means more like a long-time employee. You know, every day your butler serves you breakfast and chauffeur drives you.
  5. Uber is an interesting company. There is Uber Taxi and Uber Eats. The stock price of Uber has plummeted, though. I don't think it is a good investment as a stock. Uber company continues to have losses. I wonder when the income profits will begin. Uber stock hits record low: 37% from IPO price https://www.igorbnews.com/2019/11/uber-stock-hits-record-low-37-from-ipo.html Tesla Stock: an interesting investment opportunity https://www.igorbnews.com/2019/11/tesla-stock-interesting-investment.html
  6. I hope your car does not break down while you are driving fast. Weird sounds are dangerous.
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