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    Thank you! I just got an oil change today and they low key checked all my valves and belts, and said all is good, and it helped the ticking not be so loud and constent. But didn't get rid of it, going to put in some seafoam oil additive and see if that helps. But you're right , I'd hate to have it turn into a bigger problem and result in a break down, so I'm probably going to take it to a shop tomorrow, if for nothing else but a diegnosis . Tho I think it's a lifter rod, because stupidly I let it run pretty low on oil, and I think it may have bent a rod a bit, so I'm hoping it's nothing more than an annoying sound as the parts cank together a bit. But still better safe than sorry. Thank you again!
  2. I'm on a trip from Indiana to Oregon, (I HAVE to be in o.r in a week or less) my car started making a clicking sound , I think it's a lifter, (it only happens sometimes, like going fast on the freeway it will clack loud for a few minutes, or when I first start it it will click not so loud untill I start driving, then the sound is on and off) I don't have the money or time to diagnose it properly or have it fixed (I mean I do if I really really have to) my question is will my car break down if I ignore the sound for now and drive it all that way? Do I need to cancel my plans and have it fixed asap? Pretty sure it's the lifter but I could be wrong, some fourms say it's an emediate problem, some say it's just more or less annoying. What do?
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