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  1. hi. I have currently a car that's always breaking, due to it's age, it's a Peugeot 306 from 1998, but previous owner didn't really care with the car, I already wasted more money in repairings than the car is worth. I was looking into a Mazda 6, from 2003, sure it ain't new either, but more recent than the one I have. currently my salary won't allow me to pay more than 100 euro per month because I have a person at my charge, that doesn't has any money and does not work, so buying a recent car is out of option for now. the mazda 6 is a 2.0 with a turbo, 136 horse power. the car looks great on the outside and inside, from the picture of the engine bay you can see some corrosion, specially on the metal than holds the battery in place, but it isn't that it's completely rusty, just has marks of rust and seems that with some anti-rust liquid will get as good as new. car has between 200 and 250.000 KM, which isn't that bad. just wanted to know what you think and if you ever had a Mazda 6, if you could, to share the problems you encountered (that came naturally or something broke out of nowhere). any recommendations on cars is greatly appreciated. thanks.
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