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  1. could be an immobilizer, basically when you park your car for a extended period of time it prevents it from starting. Definitely aftermarket ask your mechanic he can follow where it connects to and tell you.
  2. This is an instructional on deleting your air conditioning on your KIA. It took me a few hours only because i didn't have any instructions. You'll need a 10mm and a 12mm socket for the rad and a/c compressor bolts. A 22 mm for the crank bolt if you do it like i did which ill mention later or a 17 mm wrench for the belt tensioner if your a true maniac. Start by removing all the ac lines, radiator mounts at the top, and remove the front grill. Just a heads up I had to cut one line going into the firewall. Next, remove the ac bolts. Move the passenger side of the radiator up and towards the engine as far as you can. Slip the compressor under the rad and pull it up through the opening where the grill used to be. Now this is where it became a nightmare for me, there are no A/c bypass kits for this vehicle. I had one delivered from a parts store for a different vehicle. I thought i was screwed. So I removed the idler pulley directly to the right of the crank pulley in the picture. The belt size needed for the is a 6K680. You might be able to fit a 6K675 but its a very tight fit. I had somebody rotate the crank while i held the belt in place to slip over the power steering pulley. I highly recommend not compressing the spring tensioner. The only tool you can get in there is a 17 mm wrench. It just doesn't work for getting a belt on. The belt routing is shown in a different picture below. In a side note if you hear someone say these engines are garbage, they are only partially true. They have their faults like any other engine. I run a 75 shot of nitrous through mine and it handles it like a champion. Ive run three ten pound bottles in the past two months on the street. It hauls ass. Good luck. Next
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