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  1. I travel alot for work often putting more than 3k miles one way on my vehicles. i also have a lead foot so I tend to drive very liberally, meaning speeds of 80mph and faster for long periods of time up and down mountains and so on causing alot of stress on the vehicle. does anybody have any recommendations on a vehicle that is reliable and take a good beating for around $15k? I've gone through 3 vehicles this calendar year so far. I know I could quit driving like a dip shit but I wont. any advice or recommendations would be appreciated thanks in advance
  2. are there any stock used cars that are half way reliable (I understand reliable, 300hp, under 5k dont really together too well I just want something that I wont have to worry if it will start when I hop in) that make at or around 300hp if not more for under $5,000?
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