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  1. Some more info on the fan video: "was a fan out of a small heater. Was hoping bearing could handle the heat but imploded at end of the video." So the fan would need to be specialized to take incredible heat temps... (Probably general knowledge but I didn't think about it) For anyone who wants to hear how the fan actually sounded, I slowed it down to what was probably the actual speed: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1aEMaYJDPLE and it sounds pretty good tbh.
  2. Okay, so I've been hanging around google and found these 2 gems https://www.carthrottle.com/post/weoo82y/ "A Musician's Analysis of Engine Notes" - An article better explaining what I attempted to in the OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJUpV7-s0yk "Homemade Turbo Exhaust" - A video of a Pringles can with a fan on the end of it shoved on an exhaust played at (probably) 2x speed. Just for laughs ofc So you may have noticed that the fan appeared to be some sort of metal fan with wide blades that was actually being pushed by exhaust gases. I'm going to make an assumption that that was the source of the humming above the exhaust... also with the pressure of the exhaust increasing and decreasing with engine rev speeds, so did the fan's rev speeds and the pitch of the fan's sound. So what if it's possible to tune the [sound of the] fan? Like changing the size, angle, and amount of blades to generate a pitch a certain interval above the fundamental exhaust note, and furthermore attempting allow it rise and fall parallel to the engine's revving notes (so that a specific interval can be maintained throughout the most of the rev range). And perhaps slipping it in before the resonator or something would allow it to sound more natural and more coherent with the engine, as well. So let's say you do an engine swap with a nice 6cyl with a good fundamental... something that could produce a note "close" to an F1/Exotic sound with the right exhaust. Maybe like the old NSX engine (3l v6). If you could add an overtone a 5th (i guess), 6th, octave, or 10th above its fundamental, it could sound even more beautiful and perhaps exotic (between two tones produced, even more overtones can be brought out anyways). You'd probably need to find an exhaust set up that reduces rasp and brings out the higher notes/overtones to blend the tones of the fan and engine well, but I feel like this sort of idea has potential.
  3. Okay so as a forewarning I'm about to fill this post with a bunch of potentially stupid ideas and stuff but please bear with me. The source of this is pretty much a 'dream' car with a drift-car build (front engine, lightweight [less than 2900 lbs], decently long wheel-base etc.), tuned to 450 - 600 hp, high 'exotic' exhaust note (v10/F1/FPCv8), and maybe if I actually do that and get far enough I'd rebody the car as well. Also I'd want to be able to daily the car. So I'd want the engine to not be the most expensive thing in the world to repair (not much at all). So a drift car with an engine swap (and possibly a body kit). Sounds normal to me lol. So I'm just a curious guy interested in the potential of that sort of a build. Most notably (pun not intended) the exhaust note. I'd like to avoid just having an amazing sounding engine and running with that. That ferrari swapped GT-86 is cool, but maintenance $$. As a matter of fact, that's why I'd want to stay away from most European engines (BMW, Mercedes... I think those parts get expensive). Also for a daily, having over 15mpg would be cool but not a deal breaker. I like the sound of i5's with a nice and high exhaust note like the 07k or something like that, and maybe with the right headers and exhaust, you could pull out that sort of sound. Of course I like Ferrari's flat plane crank v8s especially like from the f355.. and the LFA's amazing v10 sound... basically the stereotypical F1 wannabe sound. I think most engines with some sort of catback exhaust, equal length headers (180d for v8s sound amazin), can get that wholesome tone, but the deal breaker for me is the PITCH. If you sat at a piano and played notes as you hear them with engines you may notice that: 1. 4cyls and 6cyls tend to have a single pitch about an octave below middle C. (But may rev to around middle C) 2. Eu flat plane crank v8s tend to have a single note around middle C but in certain rev ranges get an added octave above. 3. Exotic Sounding cars in general (especially v10s and v12s) often have 3 tones... A root note, an octave above that, and another pitch a third away from the higher octave (in either direction). I like when at least one of the notes generated can reach about a maj 3rd or more above middle C. (E or so.) Is there a non-exotic/rare/expensive engine that's capable of this? (tbh an LS with 180 degree headers gets pretty close but let's say other engines...) Assuming there are no more: After getting a good laugh from bicycle inner tubes on the end of exhausts, I started to think there may be some merit there (besides back-pressure, power, and potential engine damage consequences). Now I'd like to think this idea isn't as sinful as automakers putting speakers in their exhausts... would it be possible to have an exhaust with some vibrating rubber or metal or something inside that could produce an artificial overtone? (maybe an octave or tenth higher than what the engine produces) then you could get a 6 or 4 cyl to sound comparable to a 10 (assuming you already have an exhaust that already cancels out lower frequencies). Also if this is created early on in the exhaust path perhaps it could sound more natural. I'm just curious to hear thoughts of people who actually know about cars on this subject matter, and why the idea at the bottom may be stupid, if it is (aside from being ricer). Thanks.
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