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  1. Hello There, m looking for SUV and SEDAN in market . reason for SUV - need big family car. reason for sedan-desperately want to drive Mercedes Benz :P .i knows all pros and cons :( (i have Honda civic 2014 in my garage now ) my initial choice for SUV was Highlander XLE .all research and deal checks are completed. and sedan - m thinking Mercedes Benz C300 . after thinking and looking at budget constraints .rather than going for 2 separate cars, thought to buy benz GLC300 so in one shot i get SUV +Benz. what do you think guys ? is GLC300 is good car to go for lease ? or i stick to 2 car option? budget wise is there any other option?. i really dont want to go above $700/month for 2 cars and $470/month if only one car to buy .(Mercedes Benz is must in either or scenario :( ) Highlander XLE is good choice to buy but then my budget will go high as I have to also buy sedan
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