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  1. That is a pretty good deal already for the vehicle, they are selling for the same price with 10k more miles on CarGurus. https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com/
  2. The best way to get a free history report is to ask the dealership that is selling the vehicle. But what I have noticed if you get a free one online it usually doesn't have enough information about the vehicle. Or sometimes misleading information. https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com/
  3. I personally would recommend going with a Honda or a Toyota manufacturer because from my experience those vehicle can take a lot of beating. https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com
  4. Hello my name is Vik I work at Bcr Automotive Inc we are a used car dealership that offers a wide selections of vehicles. If you or your friends are looking for a used car let us know. https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com
  5. I would personally recommend a Toyota or a Honda they all come in manual and they run for quite a while without having to do any major repair work. https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a Mercedes c300 but we do have a E350 if you interested. https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com
  7. That is a good price that how much NADA would of actually rated the vehicle so you got a fair deal. We actually selling the same vehicle for similar price. https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com
  8. I would recommend selling it yourself but usually they give fair trade in value for the vehicle so you can always try trading it in because that will save you a lot of time and headache. I am actually a General Manager at a Used Car Dealership and the car is priced really good to the Market Place but there aren't many people who still drive Manual Vehicles so they might be able to drop the price. Our Website Link https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com/
  9. Out of all the vehicles you have listed I would Recommend Getting either a Toyota Rav4 Or a Highlander just because they do have all wheel drive and they would be the best vehicle out there to actually make it to 200k without getting repaired every other week. The Nissan Rogue is a good option but Nissans in some cases have many transmission issues. Plus used Toyotas are not too expensive and they hold their value. I am actually a General Manager at a Used Car Dealership and we have sold a couple in the past few month under 25000, But Unfortunately we don't have any in stock. Link To Our Website https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com/
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