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  1. While watching the video, I could see it touched only 108 mph i have touched 220 mph in my state Here is the Subaru BRZ I own.
  2. Forgot to mention Toyota Vitz, another high selling car in most of the countries.
  3. I am pretty sure none of the cars would be close/cheaper than the auction cars in Japan. Check it yourself here!
  4. Hyundai Sonata now comes with a solar panel roof! How cool is that? Here is the link to full specifications
  5. This is the best and the most reliable car in the world currently. Toyota Corolla
  6. If you are a young lady or a middle aged women going to college or work, travelling every day can be tiresome, especially if it is a long way from home. The public transportation is not very women friendly in Uganda and you might spend more time waiting than the actual travel. Have you ever thought of buying a car that can help you remove all the problems that you face in your travel? A car, not just to go workplace or college, but also a car to take your kids nearby entertainment park or take out your parents to visit relatives in a nearby town. Have you thought of it and not sure which car to buy? With current fuel price, increasing tax and bad road conditions, one should buy a good quality, affordable car that can withstand the conditions and also a convenient car whose spare parts are easily available. Don’t worry, we have personally researched the cars in Uganda and have come out with list of best Japanese used cars that can be your BFF. Here are the top cars in Uganda! Toyota Vitz Toyota Vitz is a hatchback manufactured by the Japanese. It is a nice looking, small, comfortable, easy to maintain car. It comes in feminine colors and looks very peppy too. A second hand Toyota Vitz can range from 6-10 million Ugx depending on the condition of the car. The engine power you get is between 1000CC to 1300CC. It is a mileage car and gives very good mileage compared to other cars. You can find the auto parts of the company easily anywhere in the country and they are easy on pocket as well. Toyota Spacio Toyota Spacio is similar looking to Vitz but has more spacious inside room. It is cheap, reliable, roomy, and a second hand car can range from 10-15 million Ugx. Toyota Raum Toyota Raum is a 5 seat mini Multi-purpose vehicle. Being a MPV it is loaded with infotainment, comfy seats and spacious interiors making it one of the perfect cars to drive to office on weekday and on a trip on weekend. A used one can cost between 6-10 million Ugx depending on the condition. Toyota Premio If you are looking for sedan , Toyota Premio is a beautiful car you can buy. The car comes in 1800 – 2200 CC depending on the model. The prices start from 6million Ugx onwards. Toyota Harrier If you are willing to spend extra bucks for a spacious and luxury car, Toyota Harrier can be a very good option. It has a very good design and is built higher than other cars which makes drive on the Uganda roads more comfortable. It comes with 2200 CC engine and prices range from 10-20 million Ugx and can go higher depending on the condition and model. These are the top Toyota cars for sale in Uganda. If you are looking to buy/import these cars visit Autoworld International.
  7. Our service is a very cost effective way to buy a vehicle as you only pay the actual cost plus our low service fee. In addition to getting a better vehicle for a lower price, in most cases you will actually save much more than our fee thanks to inside access to the import process combined with our years of experience. You pay virtually the same for export costs, shipping and compliance as any large dealer or importer would – benefit from our knowledge of the business and access to volume discounts. You select your own vehicle from the many choices on offer each week. We guide you gently throughout the process, and there is never any pressure. All vehicles are physically checked by our reliable agents on the ground at auction, with full details and pictures discussed with you. As we don’t own any of the vehicles, our interest is always the same as yours — accurate descriptions and finding the very best vehicle for your budget. We manage the auction bidding for you. Once successful at auction, we organise the import process efficiently with regular contact and provide assistance until your vehicle is on the road.We advise on the best options and likely cost for your needs and situation so you can make an informed decision.One of the reasons that we have such a high client satisfaction rate is that we take the time to determine up front whether direct import can meet your expectations. The best thing is that our advice is always fast, free, honest and thorough — in fact we are known for it. Buy Japanese car imports direct from auction Select the best cars yourself Avoid dealer profit margins Smooth, streamlined import process Save on shipping & import costs Small fixed service fee Click here to visit our website.
  8. Hi, You can probably see how Mercedes cars are bought in Albania and can sell your car likewise. Visit here for more info. https://autoworldjapan.blogspot.com/2019/05/albanian-love-for-cars_34.html
  9. See how Albania though a poor country has lot of Mercedes on the road. https://autoworldjapan.blogspot.com/2019/05/albanian-love-for-cars_34.html
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