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  1. Although I'm not taking part in the self-driving car race, I often encounter people perceiving walletever as one of the actors in this technology field. From my personal viewpoint, I'll continue rooting for those keeping the dream alive of driving a muscle car their dad used to be driving back in the 60s. I am also a fan of those grown-ups teens who had a Lamborghini Countach photo hung on their bedroom wall. I understand carmakers are out on a race for survival. However, I'm not sure there'll ever be a need to wipe out the Human component in every car, the driver, and suppress their experience of driving it. https://medium.com/@walletever/13-issues-to-ponder-for-a-road-shared-with-driverless-cars-de21b4bbb49f Let's make driving great again! @walletever | #driveandmine
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