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  1. I'm sure there's a few more, but that's pretty much my list. I still have the latest Golf now and I think it's the longest I've owned any one car lol!
  2. Welcome to CarForums...and thanks for joining us.
  3. the forum software that Steve is going to roll out in the next few days. I'll ask him about the emoticons.
  4. Power Stop K1443 1 Click Z23 Evolution Sport- 06 to 10 Ford Explorer.
  5. Can anyone tell me what kind of wheels these are please?
  6. The Escalade Sport Edition is the first limited-edition model offered in the current-gen of Cadillac’s full-size SUV. It’s available as a US$2,700 option on Luxury, Premium Luxury and Platinum models and features a gloss black exterior trim that bleeds onto the grilles, window moldings, body side moldings and beyond, plus 22-inch wheels finished in Midnight Silver.
  7. I currantly own a Scirocco 2.0 2010 model and i since i cracked my instrument cluster i was wondering if i can replace it with a instument cluster from Scirocco 2011?
  8. All I was saying, for the Palisade, Hyundai really hasn't gone too unique. The front wheel driven platform isn't a knock-head-off sort of boo-hoo thingy. THAT IS ALL!
  9. We just test drove 2020 Kia Forte 5 GT. And wanted to share the clip with you guys. Have a great time with your friends and family. Thank you.
  10. Thanks a lot buddy. Glad to be a part here.
  11. I have a 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite. 318, 2 barrel. All original. Will post pics soon.
  12. You could also welcoming me too ☺️ I m audacity find my iphone origin also new to this forum community. Quote
  13. We can chrome almost anything also in different colors if you wanted it other then just the chrome look. Take a look and thanks for looking...
  14. ith the old layout things were too FileZilla UC Browser Rufus spread out around the smaller forums on the site and hard to find. I hope the new consolidated look is easier to navigate
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