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  1. I'm about a month new I have a truck with more rust underneath it that I know what to do with.I replaced my rear differential by myself amazing since it still makes that knocking sound. thanks YouTube. My Ford F-150 has so many miles on it I'm surprised it still runs🙄 a lot keeps happening to it so I'm going to be on here asking people a lot of questions because like I stated if it's on YouTube I think I can do it. let me tell you something the bunch of BS and because my husband is mechanic he won't work on it. 🤬 he thinks I should trade it in? which entitles me to have to get what he considers a "real job" 🤨 and I don't want to👎 I'm hard-working, I just dont want to work for anybody else! I work for myself. I'm 35 and eager to get my hands dirty. I waited three years to get a bearing in my wheel fixed because "he just doesn't want to do it." And now I've come to the plethora of men and women in this car forum to get some much-needed help and advice. So think what you want 🤔just help when it's needed. Please .... it is my pleasure to meet each and every one of you that I come acrossed and get advice from and know that it's always appreciated. 👋
  2. Okay so here it is I wash my engine with the hose and I didn't cover anything because I didn't know I was supposed to I probably should have asked and looked it up before I did this was already raining I have a 2001 Ford F-150 4 ×4 . So I rinsed off a couple of things underneath the hood because it's always really dirty underneath there and I washed underneath the truck as well because ive had this bad oil leak, at least I think it's oil. It's not transmission fluid I know that and it doesn't look like brake fluid. Anyways it looks like oil. I just don't know if it's coming from the oil pan or from the four-wheel drive or the front or rear differential I just know it looks like oil and it's coming from the front of my truck. Anyways that's not my problem per say my problem is I washed the damn engine I let it dry for two days. I also took out the air filter and had it cleaned.< my husband did that> but I had to put it back in so I thought maybe I put it in wrong. So I pulled over and I checked it. it seems fine but the truck just runs horrible like it shakes now it makes this sound like I don't know a machine gun underneath the front like if you flick your tongue like that kind of sound. It's also running really low RPMs, I'm sure many of you guys are shaking your head but I need the truck for work and I've been letting it dry out with the hood open for quite some time. Also turning on the heater makes it shake 3 times worse. The way the engine is there's no way I can take all that stuff off to get to the spark plugs. I'm wondering if there's anything that I can do? I do notice that the oil leak that was just a few drops ever so often has turned into a much bigger puddles ever since I cleaned underneath it. Any help would be much appreciated my husband finds out that I took a hose to the engine and didn't cover all the stuff I was supposed to cover he's going to kill me he's also a mechanic and he's deaf and thinks that it's not so bad , but I can hear all the new sounds it's making and I can feel it . Please help me what can I do?
  3. Just got off the phone with the dealership can't even buy a new Cadillac converter because apparently my Jeep is a federal not a state Jeep what does that mean?; it's like no matter what I do I can't fix this problem.
  4. I was sold a 1998 Jeep wrangler from a used car dealership. Ive had it almost 2 years and am still making payments on it. I went to get it smogged today only to find out the cadilitic converter not only has a different number then its supposed to its also has an OBD2 for a 1995 jeep. So i fail the visual inspection. I then later on go back to the dealership to discuss the matter and guess what..... ?Permanently CLOSED!!! I want to keep my Jeep and i need it smogged asap. So what can I do? Dont know if this changes anything but I live in California. Theres gotta be something. Ive tried looking it up but theres nothing about my issue. Mostly about Cadillac converters missing mine's not missing so....Any Help is appreciated.
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