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  1. I have a 2008 Honda Accord and for the past week i've been having issues starting my car. Most of the time it starts no problem, but every now and then it makes clicking noises like it's trying to turn over and wont. I just got a new battery and alternator two months ago and I had them double checked a week ago to make sure they weren't the problem. No one seems to have an answer as to why this is happening. I brought it to a shop today to see if they could help, they checked my battery cables to make sure they were properly secure and no issues there. They also had me turn off and restart my car several times and I had no issues starting the car any of the times. Left the mechanic very confused and left me very frustrated. Please let me know if you've ever experienced this before and how it was fixed or if you have any knowledge of what my problem could be. Thank you
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