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  1. Yes, I have a Mercedes Benz c300. Please contact me immediately Dafont FileHippo and I will have all of your questions answered. Here is a look at the c300, all specs and details. Our number is on that website as well. Just ask for ALDO when you call. Thank you!
  2. The new Kodo styling looks terrific on the next-generation Mazda6. So Skyactiv technology, i-ELOOP technology and a fantastic new look. Here are some new pictures of it:
  3. Lol. That would actually be a nice, but no dice.
  4. Very interesting, I didn't think they sold that many especially when Rolls Royce and Bentley offer much better alternatives.
  5. I recently bought a pickup and none of the rims had center caps. I looked all over the rim and there isn't a manufactures name anywhere. This is a long shot, but anyone have any idea what brand they are?? Heres a picture of them. It looks like they might have originally had some kind of inserts if that helps any. TIA 
  6. Imagine having a carfax VIN check but without no need to pay. This tool is like a Carfax VIN Check. It provides VIN-based reports that are constantly updated by VinCheck.info through its many sources whenever a new info arises.
  7. Overseas transportation of high and heavy towable cargoes (trailers, fifth wheels)
  8. For all you motorheads out there that like to surf the web, it's time to join thecruisin.com! It's a social media site, much like Facebook, only it's designed for auto enthusiasts. It's a totally FREE signup!
  9. You further represent that you are not offering vehicles for sale as a paid service to a seller or title holder of a vehicle, and that you are not listing a vehicle for sale in your capacity as an employee or representative of a dealer, broker, business Vidmate iTunes Notepad++ or person otherwise engaged in the commercial sale of vehicles. Likewise, you represent that you are not acting as a broker or agent for a private seller that placed an ad through the Sell Your Car service. Additionally, you represent that neither you nor anyone acting on your behalf will list more than five (5) vehicles for sale simultaneously through the Sell Your Car service.
  10. Anyhow what else bros. I freaking love working on cars. I'm constantly messing with my forte. me and the boys can hardly wait to get home from work and go straight to my shop. Big part of that for me is just having somewhere to BE AWAY FROM THE LADIES lmfao. If theres one thing ull learn about me is that I love being with the boys. Just time for the boys and me to talk cars... smoke cigs... drink beer.... watch porn... doesnt matter. just love being with the boys away from our women. I think EVERYONE here can agree with that shit.
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