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  1. As far as I know cannabis is used in different kinds of food. There are even special candies and jelly with the use of –°BD oils, for example, you can check this site. I have read that cannabis has many useful features and is actively used not only as a drug or in medicine but also in cooking for example.
  2. Excellent selection of trucks! I work for a long time with trucks and have already changed a few trucks. I hope one time I will be able to afford to buy such vehicle as on this video! But unfortunately even find such truck on sale is very difficult. I usually buy and sell trucks on this site (https://www.truck1.eu/trucks/refrigerator-trucks/man) and very rarely such trucks appear on sale.
  3. I think that Wi-Fi in the car is very important. First of all, you are able to connect the phone and listen to music from it. Also I am very interested in the possibility to making phone calls through a loud connection in the car, it is very convenient and does not distract from the driving process. The last time I've been chosing the Double Din Head Unit I took the advice from this blog (https://carinmydna.com/best-double-din-head-unit/) and eventually bought a pioneer with a Wi-Fi module, so far I am satisfied.
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