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  1. Definitely sounds like a rod is knocking especially when you revved up. I wouldn’t drive it till you take the head off or at least drain your oil and look for metal shavings.
  2. Honestly probably just your belt or alternator. Now if you hear something such as a rod knock you should more than definitely stop your car. Also, does the ticking speed up with RPM or is it a constant tick?
  3. Don’t worry about that honestly^^^ your car runs stock with that exhaust and honestly it’s going to heat up with it without exhaust wraps. Check your thermostat. Sounds like you’re not pumping any coolant to your engine. Also, trace that dripping to where it’s coming from, if it’s before your thermostat you may just be building up so much that it’s path of least resistance is right out the tube. So fix the tube and constantly check your coolant resovoir to see how much you’re losing without the car on VS with it on. At 180° your thermostat should open generally speaking and you should be getting a flow of cooler coolant. If not, try checking your water pump to see if it’s actually working.
  4. Honestly I read “Honda Civic won’t work” and I thought to myself, lord I’ve never heard this one before. But, I truly have never seen anything quite like this 😅. At least you’re getting some power, however just go buy a new battery that’s probably your best option. Make sure it’s the right CCA (Cold Crank Ampage) thag your car requires, not more, not less. If the problem continues you may have fried something such as your ECU.
  5. Probably blew a fuse on the head unit and the amp. Let me ask, on your power wire running to your batter do you have an in-line fuse in place? If not you desperately need one. Also, do not turn your gain all the way up that is the one cardinal sin of subwoofers gain is not a volume control.
  6. Try flushing a radiator. Back in the day you could unscrew the bottom of the radiator, open up the top, put a water hose in and let it flush and see if you had a lot of clutter. Also, try feeling around in your radiator tubes to see if there’s any sort of buildup or blockages.
  7. Check if the power line on your alternator is tight,if it’s loose your battery light will flicker especially upon acceleration. also, on my 2003 tiburon there is a fuse connected to the battery, a slow blow fuse. If this is blown and it is close enough to make a connection when you hit a bump there is your problem.
  8. Sounds like possibly a voltage regulator problem either that or you have something wired weird with a bad ground more than likely the latter but don’t rule out the regulator completely
  9. You blew a fuse that is connected to your radio and dome light. Same thing happened in my 2000 Chevy cavalier just replace the fuse brother.
  10. Starter is going to be between where your engine and transmission link up. Relay should be checked first ^^^^^
  11. Sounds like an electrical surge problem when the car is off I’d try running through as manny electricals as possible to see exactly what is drawing power when the car is off. If you get something that has a significant more amount of power running while the car is off you’ve found your problem. Just takes some patience and time.
  12. Oil + coolant is a recipe for disaster. As soon as the two mix you’re looking at bigger problems. As soon as you saw oil and coolant mixing you should have inspected the head and seen what was really going on. Truthfully it’s not a big deal to take the head off really all it takes to put back together is a cheap gasket and some elbow grease. If you don’t inspect it you’re going to end up how my car was but thankfully I nipped it in the bud.
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