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  1. Hi All, 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer, 1.8 automatic CTV transmission stopped engaging all gears?? In drive, simply stays in Neutral and revs. No earlier signs of transmission failure, has been running great. When the issue occurred i had been driving on the highway for about 3 hours and slowed down for road works. As i slowed i felt the gear beginning to disengage, followed by a bit of a shutter from the car coming to a stop. Came to a stop and then proceeded to take off but no gears would engage and Neutral light on dash started flashing at me (twice a second). Have since checked the following... - Gear lever still goes through gears as it should - Dash displays the above fine (just has the N flashing when in drive). - Gear selector on gear box moving fine. - Oil is full and clean (both when hot and cold) - All fuses are fine (haven't tried changing the A/T relay but assume is fine?). - Removed battery and airbox to view. All plugs were in place- have taken all out - sprayed and reinstated. - Have left the battery and ECU disconnected overnight with no success. - Still having the same issue when cool the following day. Does anyone know what the possible issue could be? Gearbox was rebuilt about 20,000km ago so i would expect that to be fine. Electrical? One of the Solenoids? How long/hard a job it is to repair? Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, John
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