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  1. I was reading this one blog site, and found out the true cost of a 35K Standard Range Tesla Model 3 with no other options other than FSD comes out to be like 50K. Thats pretty crazy expensive IMO. Here is where i saw it... https://www.socialbookmarking-online.com/the-real-cost-of-a-35k-tesla-with-full-self-driving/ I think its right?
  2. ricer! The cheapest mods you could do to get some performance from my experience: 1. New air intake 2. Exhaust 3. Headers 4. New Chip Opps, almost forgot the most important one, stickers, they add 5hp each
  3. when i was younger, I put in a forced cold air induction system that pulled from the bottom of the front bumper vs the factory box into my car and I could feel a good amount of improvement. I'd say it was like a 5 to 10hp improvement?
  4. I have my hotspot turned on all the time in my car when i drive. Some of the most useful things i do, uh my friend does is like watch Youtube. If you could get your hotspot to be on even after you turn off your car, you could put up cameras to warn you when people get near your car?
  5. I'd say you could totally get a subprime loan, but those interest rates are going to be like pretty like, maybe even like 30%. Lenders don't normally like to take risks like that. You can actually do a few things to help. 1. Wait and save up a little and get a job and build credit 2. Get a co-signer like your mom or dad, that can help you. This should help reduce the loan % but if you don't pay, their credit is hit too 3. Save up a few grand, find a cheap beater car on used car sites and roll with that until you build your credit. As for budget friendly cars, jettas seem to be pretty cheap. There was some really good deals on Fiat 500e's in the past but i haven't seen those in a long time. I sometimes search craigslist, carmax, carzing, or facebook marketplace for ball park ideas on cost of used cars
  6. are you thinking about putting vinyl stickers on your car? I don't think those are super hard to take off after? I used to have racing stripes and it wasn't too bad. If you are putting larger stickers on, soap and water help you position before it dries.
  7. I haven't heard of hamilton, but I heard the largest subprime leader is west lake financial : https://www.westlakefinancial.com/ Also, there is this site that I have heard about: carzing.com: carzing, they have this "PREQUALIFY" button on the top right of the page....well apparently they are the only site in the auto industry that will give you a 100% backed loan from the prequalify in real time. From my research, other companies will only give a lead and not a real time decision. let me know if you guys find any other good sites.
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